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Ranch Golf Club – Erica & Broc

9/7 –

Worst Wedding Photographer Ever???

Proof that having a professional with experience and personal references is extremely important: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Bride-And-Gloom-Couple-Receive-Woefully-Inadequate-Wedding-Photos/Article/200910115400512

Cheap DJs vs. Professional DJs

It seems these days everyone has a friend that is in a band or is a DJ. Picking up an instrument or a set of CD players is not difficult at all; in-fact many rental companies out there can supply you with Professional level gear at a very reasonable price. But when that person offers […]

iPod vs. Wedding

I know the iPod concept is one of those things that many couples focusing slimming their budget are examining. As a consumer, it is a great idea that you can customize your music to tailor your event to EXACTLY what you want. You do lose quite a few things: Announcements, Coordination, and the feeling of […]

Introducing DJ Robey

This week’s spotlight focuses on Elite’s Event Manager: DJ Robey. He has a wealth of experience and talent musically and vocally. After meeting him, you may even ask yourself if he is actually the announcer for the San Jose Sharks. His broad appeal and fun attitude makes Robey one of the easiest guys to approach […]