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Month: April, 2011

MacArthur Park – Wedding Reception

Some events are all about the location. Some are about the food. Some are about the decorations.  But few are truly about the guests.  This was one such wedding where the guest’s experience took center stage. I was fortunate enough to be hired for Kelly and Annie Micco’s wedding in Palo Alto at the MacArthur […]

San Jose Fairmont – Wedding Reception

There are intimate wedding celebrations and then there are gala’s.  This event was closer to the former, but still felt fun and moved along quite well.  Clara and Larry Huan had to have it all.  They had their version of an intimate and casual wedding in Hawaii with only 50 close friends and family.  Then once they […]

Sonoma Cornerstone Gardens – Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Brent and Sade Eggert chose an amazing and unique location for their ceremony and reception in Sonoma. The only way to describe their event is classic elegance meets modern styling in an unusual location that gave it such a wonderful and festive feel. This was one of the few weddings that I’ve been to where […]

Ranch Golf Club – Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Dominique and Julian Saito (“site-oh”) contracted my services sight-unseen which is usually a risky venture, but it was very easy to work such an inviting and friendly group. They had their ceremony on the lower level of the Ranch Golf Club with breathe-taking views of San Jose, then cocktails on the main level balcony and […]