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Month: August, 2011

Ruby Hills Golf and Country Club – Lily & Tinwai

7/30 – Ruby Hills Golf Club in Livermore, CA, is an amazing site for a wedding because it has a very clean finish on the surface but also has impeccable service to backup it’s good looks.  The ceremony was held in the garden area, just outside of the main ballroom.  There was singing by the bridesmaids, a reading, […]

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay – Jeff & Cynthia

7/25 – Mr and Mrs Clarke have been married for 25 years, and since when they originally got married they didn’t have a proper celebration, it was high time they did it the right way.  And at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay no less! The weather in Half Moon Bay is notorious for […]

Silver Creek Valley Country Club – Aaron & Sophia

7/23 – This beautiful wedding took place on a day where you really couldn’t ask more from the weather gods: it was sunny and gorgeous.  The Bride and Groom wanted a fun celebration, but didn’t think they would get anyone to dance, but I was intent on making up for this. The day consisted of […]

Santa Clara Marriott – Sujata & Luke

7/16 – Integrating many elements of a traditional Indian wedding into a 1 day celebration and combining it with American wedding elements was a task, but everything turned out very nice in the end.  With a guest list originally of over 350 people, this was going to be a grand affair.  We took over all […]

Half Moon Bay Golf Links – Kim & Steven

7/17 – This was a wonderful wedding with an amazing setting.  I have been to the Ritz Carlton HMB before and thought their ceremony location was amazing.  But this setting was just amazing with the openness of it, right on the golf course overlooking the ocean.  Just breathtaking. The reception was an elegant affair with […]