DJ Roberto

Roberto is a San Jose State University Graduate with a Bachelors degree in Radio Television and Film. He is a full time employee here at Elite Entertainment and is our Photo Booth Manager, which means he is available to help answer any questions you may have while planning your event. He is a big fan all types of music from Mainstream Hip-Hop to Indi Rock but will do whatever it takes to make you and your guests happy. He is also very familiar with Latin music, including salsa, merengue, banda and cumbia, just to mention a few. He’s also been know to make a few announcements in Spanish if requested. Roberto trully understands the importance of your big day and will stop at nothing to make sure you and your guests have the time of your lives!

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40 Responses to DJ Roberto

  1. Admin says:

    “DJ flexibility. Roberto was always checking in and helping smooth out details the entire night making sure thing went well. A perfect day and night.”

    Christine & Jay

  2. Admin says:

    “Berto was such a pleasure to work with! We received many compliments on how great he was! he was flexible, offered great suggestions and ideas and was positive and sun the whole night! We’d highly recommend Berto!”

    Miranda & Bryan

  3. Admin says:

    “Roberto was wonderful. He helped me keep on schedule, came to remind me of what I was suppose to do. He also asked me if I wanted to change anything based on what was going on at the time. I really enjoyed having him DJ for us. Everyone had a great time!”

    Charis & Chris

    “Berto was fantastic! He made our day perfect.”

    Lindsey & Steve

  4. Admin says:

    “You guys took the load in coordinating and were so thorough that your services weren’t anywhere close to being a question the day/week of the wedding. Berto was PHENOMENAL to work with and was very patient with us. He’s the man. Thank you for everything!”

    Jenna & Joe

  5. Admin says:

    ” Roberto was the DJ for our wedding. He is great and everything was fabulous. Everyone loved the music and we got a lot of compliments about the arrangements and music. I would absolutely use this service again for the future.”

    Han & Ian

  6. Admin says:

    “The best thing was Roberto. He was very kind to all my guest. if someone requested something he played it and if he couldn’t he was nice about it. Very professional.”

    Melissa & James

    “Great music, dancing was excellent. He followed our music requests and flexible during pre-event planning.”

    Ingrid & Dan

  7. Admin says:

    “We had a couple scheduling snafu’s due to the caterer coordinator changing 4 days before the event. Roberto’s ability to help steer the event was priceless. The moment he got event my grandmothers up and dancing was precious!”

    Missy & Joe

  8. Admin says:

    “Honestly, everything! Roberto was very professional and kind! It was everything I had hoped for and more. All of our guests were commenting on how awesome he was!”

    Kelsey & Andrew

  9. Admin says:

    “Berto was absolutely great Professional, personable & very friendly! Keep up the good work Berto!!”

    Tiffany & Arturo

  10. Admin says:

    “Roberto had a great attitude and was able to go “with the flow” when we made some last minuet adjustments. Great to work with!”

    Emily & Jaime

    “Thank you so much Roberto! You played everything I was to hear and more!”

    Jamie & Michael

    “Everything! We loved how much people danced! The mix of Spanish and English songs was perfect and all of our special songs were played. Thank you so much!”

    Estrella & Kristopher

  11. admin says:

    “Roberto was professional and we can tell he reviewed the songs before hand.Great transitions and started songs at the right point.”

    Rena & Ben

    “DJ Roberto did a great job! He made sure my guests were having a great time. I loved my first dance song – very special moment for me and my new hubby!”

    Rosilynn & Allen

    “Roberto has been professional, proactive, always checked with me on the program schedules, suggestions to improve the flow, check with each vendor on timing and met every last minuet request thrown to him.”

    Tammy & Fumio

  12. admin says:

    “Roberto was perfect for our event. We didn’t need any announcements, but we did need a time keeper and he performed perfectly. The music was a great match and he played at perfect levels.”

    Kent Smith & Seagate

    “Everything was just the way it should be.The music was perfect and was right on time every time. Everyone was telling us it was awesome and loved the playlist. Definitely made our day a great day!”

    April & Lank

  13. admin says:

    “Every part was excellent. Roberto tracked the process and was totally appropriate and in “sync”. Photo booth with Zachary was perfect as well.”

    Rose 70th Birthday

    “Roberto was great! Everyone had a great time, employees are still talking about the part. They said it was the best one they ever had. Thank you so much!”

    Hilton Holiday Party

  14. admin says:

    “Berto adapted to our changes in schedule and kept the energy up all night. He was fantastic!”

    Tiffany & Timonthy

  15. e3 says:

    “Berto was on time and ready to go. He was very patient as our year end presentation ran over. Thank you!”

    EarLens Corp

  16. admin says:

    “Our DJ was Roberto. He was amazing and professional. He ensured every detail was planned out by calling a week before the wedding date.He was given changes at the last minuet, and the accommodated our every wish. He was respectful and engaging with our guests. Great music choices!”

    Katharine & Herbie

  17. admin says:

    “Very please and happy with Roberto! Our guest had a great time! Roberto was professional, nice, everything we wanted for a DJ! Thank you Roberto!”

    Joyce & Derek

  18. admin says:

    “Myself, my husband and my guest all had a blast. Berto did an excellent job and the music really made my night!”

    Daniella & Derek

  19. admin says:

    “Roberto was a wonderful MC! He kept things on schedule but was very flexible and always checking with us on the timeline.”

    Hanh & Christopher

    “Roberto was great! He was very nice and checked in with us frequently. I’d recommend him to others! Great experience!”

    Trisha & Earl

  20. admin says:

    “The DJ Roberto did an amazing job especially playing our kind of music which it was new for him and he did a great job mixing it. Thank you so much!”

    Sweeny & Sameh

  21. admin says:

    “Roberto was excellent! He was very professional and kept the lines of communication open throughout the night. Thank you, Roberto!”

    Tasmen & Wade

  22. admin says:

    “Berto kept the dance floor crowded and we had the best time ever!”

    Michelle & Jeffrey

  23. admin says:

    “He was friendly while being professional. He was unique and catered to our every need.”
    Emily & Carlos

  24. admin says:

    “Roberto was professional and excellent at his job. The music was played in such a way all participated in dancing and kept going with adequate time for recovery yet kept the party going great!”
    Thomson 50th Anniversary

  25. admin says:

    “Berto played music to fit the crowd. He was very polite and helped make our special day a very delightful one.”
    Marie & Gino

  26. admin says:

    “Roberto was one of the best event DJ’s I have ever experienced. He balanced the music perfectly, he made all announcements on time and was understandable, and he was very pleasant. He did an amazing job and I have gotten many compliments on the music for my wedding! He made my wedding go perfectly!”
    Nicole & Alex

  27. admin says:

    “Roberto did a fantastic job. He spun the tunes and everyone danced and had a great time. Roberto also handled custom announcements before select songs like playing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme Song”for Kathy’s Scoobie Gang”
    Kathy & Eric

  28. admin says:

    “Roberto was very flexible and accommodating.he played a bunch of songs we initially did not put on the list when we asked him to do it on the fly. He was very nice. It turned out the new songs we requested (Ethiopian Songs) really made the wedding so much fun.”
    Kimmy & Kassahun

  29. admin says:

    “Roberto was on point with the combined live performance done by my uncle and “The Island Why” dancers. Also thanks for letting me do my special performance for my wife”
    Jared & Brandie

  30. admin says:

    “Berto kept asking for feedback on the music throughout the night. Even asked and took request from our knowledgeable music guest. Highly recommended.”
    Sean & Sean

  31. admin says:

    “Roberto was great when I asked him to change our first dance song at the last minuet (morning of). He downloaded the new song I requested and everything went smooth. All our guest had a blast dancing!”
    Sania & Shawn

  32. admin says:

    “Roberto was excellent before and during our wedding! We also had a great experience with the photo booth!”
    Stefanie & Matt

  33. admin says:

    You guys are great! Roberto was fantastic. He played great music and catered to what we wanted. Thank you so much! We will recommend you to others!”
    Jessica & Neil

  34. admin says:

    “You guys made everything so simple! I thought it’d be a headache choosing everything but you guys made it so easy! I’m glad you helped prank my mom and the mosh pit was awesome!”
    Ashley & Sean

  35. admin says:

    “Great! The guest were requesting songs different than the genres we discussed;Roberto made sure to check with us first! Very satisfied.”
    Newark Memorial Class of ’95

  36. admin says:

    “The experience was seamless.During the craziness of a wedding, it was a relief to have a professional, fun and timely DJ/MC to take one less thing off our shoulders.”
    Stephanie & RJ

  37. admin says:

    “Berto was very friendly and attentive. A pleasure to work with!! The best part was he gave me a copy of my playlist. That was awesome!”
    Janet & Bijan

  38. admin says:

    “He was very personable and very flexible with our request. We enjoyed our event”
    Andrea & Albert

  39. admin says:

    DJ Berto was extremely personable! He checked in with the us to be sure everything was to our liking”

    Christina & Gabriel

  40. admin says:

    “Roberto was professional, friendly and really helped the evening flow smoothly. We didn’t think we had many guests that would dance, but the dance floor was packed! We had a very specific list of songs during cocktails and dinner and Roberto made sure all of our request were played.”

    Tiffany & Edward

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