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I have been involved with Weddings and other Celebrations since 1979. This will be my 24th year of being a DJ. I started out in catering, and then did video in partnership with photographers. I feel this experience is of great benefit to both me and the people I DJ for. This is because I understand what the other vendors need to do to bring their clients the best quality of service. I coordinate and cooperate with them, and that translates to a better party. I feel the many years of my experience has taught me to be detail oriented, and to listen well to the needs of the client. I know the music from before my time, and keep up with contemporary songs. My great strength is the ability to play the correct music at the right time. I have also played in nightclubs for the past 15 years, and this keeps me in constant practice, as well as being up to date with current hits. I do all I can to make the event I play for a happy time for all.


6 Responses to DJ Steve

  1. Admin says:

    “Thank you for coming through for us. It was an important client to us. Steve was professional and the client was super happy!”

    Cheat a Little Catering

  2. Admin says:

    “Really great music, well times and Steve made all the right announcements. We had a marvelous time.”

    Howard & James

  3. admin says:

    “I loved how involved our DJ was in making sure the event went seamlessly. Couldn’t have been happier.”

    Derek & Natalie

  4. Admin says:

    “Extremely agreeable and was very helpful. He was terrific as a DJ and I would enthusiastically recommend him!”
    Jenny & Jonah

  5. Admin says:

    “We were impressed with our overall experience with Elite, you were professional, helpful and friendly. We especially loved our DJ, Steve, who we felt went above and beyond to make our wedding special.”
    Megan & Thayer

  6. Admin says:

    “Steve was courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable about popular music. He worked with us when we had last minute adjustments to the music and timeline of our wedding. Although everyone I communicated with at Elite E. was friendly and helpful, the main reason I chose Elite E. was Steve. He performed at my friend’s wedding a year ago and I really liked his demeanor and music.”
    Lily & Ronald Yee

    “DJ Steve was approachable and easy to work with. He stayed involved and made sure that everything flowed smoothly.”
    Kristine & Weng Chau

    “Steve was very polite & professional throughout our wedding planning process. He also gave us great suggestions and recommendations. On our wedding day, he made sure that everything went according to plan and did a great job MCing our event. Thank you!.”
    Emily & Joseph Chu

    “Steve was very thoughtful and helped us think through the flow of the reception. He was also flexible and accommodating. Overall, a great Job, thanks!”
    Tina & Thomas Leung

    “Our DJ was professional and well prepared. DJ Steve was an excellent emcee who kept the party flowing. He wasn’t cheesy and did not hog the spotlight. He played music that everybody could dance to. My wedding manager found it easy to work with him.”
    Priscilla & Calvin Wong

    “Very professional and prompt when we needed him for something. Awesome communication skills. We will recommend him for future events for our families and friends.”
    Monica & Richard Kelley

    “Steve was awesome. He did everything perfect, including dealing with my husbands drunk best man. The music was great. It was exactly what we wanted.”
    Crystal & Hans Meyer

    “Steve was even at the event early which allowed me to ask questions and clarify things without worry. He was very helpful in managing the event and making sure things flowed well.”
    Erin & Peter Salazar

    “Steve met with us to talk about what we wanted. He dedicated time to answer questions, and set up/ schedule what we wanted. He had a great rapport with my son.”
    Bonita Krasnopler

    “Very Professional and kept everybody organized. I loved how every song I requested was played. It went very smooth. My sister is getting married in March through Panetta’s as well and she would like to ask for Steve Tieger for hers.”
    Emily & Leon Khasin

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