DJ Tony

DJ Tony is a music producer/full time Disc jockey. He takes part in the best of ALL worlds when it comes to music. Tony will always make sure everything is taken care of, even if it means he has to help fill glasses for the toast or help grandma learn how to shuffle. He loves to make the event feel as smooth as possible and help everyone enjoy themselves to their hearts content. Tony is one of our Spanish speaking Bi-Lingual DJ’s and also works full time in our office. Latin music is one of Tony’s many specialties! But don’t let that fool you, he listens to all types of music including Motown, Hip Hop, Top 40, Classic Rock, Bachata, Reggaeton, and even Dubstep! And that’s just scratching the surface! Tony loves his work and will always make sure your event will be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.
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124 Responses to DJ Tony

  1. Admin says:

    “I really enjoyed having the DJ bring everyone together and get everyone dancing. I liked his method of introducing the birthday girl. I really enjoyed DJ Tony! Loved him, he’s a great DJ!”
    Valeria Velasco

  2. Admin says:

    “Everything was excellent and thank you to Tony”

    Veronica’s Quinceanera

  3. Admin says:

    “Tony was awesome, super friendly and helped keep everything moving according to the timeline we provided. Loved the music he played!”

    Wendy & Chris

  4. Admin says:

    “The willingness of the DJ to accommodate our requests and also his ability to work with our timeline.”

    Bob Bellicitti

  5. Admin says:

    “DJ played a major part toward the success of this wedding. Everyone had fun from ages 2 – 85!”

    Patty & Khristine

  6. Admin says:

    “Tony was awesome! He gave us great suggestions for the up lights and checked in on us every so often!”

    Sage Intacct

  7. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony exactly what music to play get both of our families on the dance floor. We have both been to wedding where the guests haven’t dance day all – the DJ makes all the difference! We were so happy with the step-by-step timeline and the attention to detail DJ Tony gave our wedding reception. We received your name from a family member and we definitely plan to pass on your information tour friends and family. Thank you so much!”
    Ellen & Christian

    “Everyone enjoyed the music and had a great time.”
    Lilian & Cory

    “Tony was so friendly and easy to work with! If we had ideas that weren’t great, he talk us out of them instead of just giving in to our bad idea! The event ran so smoothly”
    Chelsea & Jeffrey

    “We felt that Tony was very personable and willing to work with us on any of our needs. We let him know the things that were important to us and me hade sure it was done. He worked well with our venue and other vendors to get things done even when it changed from our original plan. He was really great!”
    Yae-Jung & Phil

    “DJ Tony did an incredible job setting our guests out on the dance floor! He was positive, professional and energetic!! Any small requests we or our guest had, Tony made it happen. “
    Katie & Joe

    “We really enjoyed the music level! Starting off at low volume so conversation can be had was important. I really enjoyed putting trust and being able to rely on a DJ company to follow through! Thank you!”
    Calstone Co.

  8. Admin says:

    “Tony is so easy to work with. He got the crowd going and the dance floor alive all night. He was so helpful in keeping our day organized and running smooth. He is the best!”

    Isabella & Cole

  9. Admin says:

    “We did not have to worry about timing or Logistics. Tony went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and kept us on track. He was friendly and his arrangement of songs were great, Everyone was in the mood to dance and enjoyed the songs selections.”

    Kardyn & Cameron

  10. Admin says:

    “Tony did on excellent job managing working with a very particular property owner. He also made a really fun, organized and welcoming event for us. Great experience, thanks guys!”

    Maisi & Erik

  11. Admin says:

    “All the music selected for entire reception were perfect! We really enjoyed the selection and appreciated how professional and great DJ Tony was. We would highly recommend him and Elite Entertainment.”

    Jody & Kenny

  12. Admin says:

    “Tony was an excellent DJ and our guests loved him! He kept the dance floor going and was a great MC. We are so happy we chose Elite Entertainment and really enjoyed having Tony as our DJ!”

    Ana & Ian

  13. Admin says:

    “Everyone had a great time and the music was perfect!”

    Jessica & Aroon

  14. Admin says:

    “Tony was good! Punctual, friendly and accommodating. Music was great. Friend and family said the DJ was awesome. No complaints. Will definitely recommend to friends and family for future events.”

    Ann & Sergio

  15. Admin says:

    “Tony was very professional. The music variety was great and exactly what we asked for. Thank you!”

    Megan and DJ

  16. Admin says:

    “Tony, Isaac and I will always be grateful to you for all you did to make our wedding day so special, memorable and fun. Thank you!”

    Gladys & Isaac

    “Tony was incredibly easy to work with from coordinating with me, flow and song selections leading up to my event! Very nice and professional.”

    Bernadette Fimbrez

  17. Admin says:

    “Tony was fantastic! We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ! All of our guests had a great time and gave us many compliments on the DJ and the music. It was a great party and much of that is thanks to our DJ!”

    Chelsea & Leazar

    “Tony was attentive, energetic and accommodating the entire night. We enjoyed the fact that we had nothing to worry about the whole time while with Tony.”

    Courtney & Gregory

    “DJ Tony was lovely, respectful, on time and not pushy! He was courteous and professional. He went over timeline and made good suggestions.”

    Monica & Edgar

    “Tony was so warm and kind, ease to work with and very professional. Best DJ ever!”

    Melanie & Mark

  18. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony made our wedding so memorable! Guests cannot tell us enough how much fun they had at our wedding. Especially the dancing portion. He also did a great job on the first dance remix! Both Kevin and Tony listened to our request. Thanks so much!”

    Mae & Michael

  19. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was amazing to work with. He played the perfect mix of songs for cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. It was amazing to see all guests (all ages) dancing. Got many compliments on how great he was.”

    Nicole & Byron

  20. Admin says:

    “Everything was great. We didn’t really provide a lot of songs we wanted to play but we loved the music Tony played.”

    Peter & Jenny

  21. Admin says:

    “Tony our DJ was so amazing! He really stayed on time with everything and would always check in with us on what we wanted to do next. Communication was a two thumbs up for Tony. We also loved the music choices he provided and everyone loved it all!”

    Cherylynn & Brian

  22. Admin says:

    “Tony was great! I am sure I became a little annoying with my requests and he was super nice! Thank you Tony!”

    Mollie & Gabe

  23. Admin says:

    “Tony was very helpful especially when we had technology issues. He also went out of his was to add the date to the photo booth printouts which was very much appreciated. Thanks Tony!”

    Momentum for Mental Health

  24. Admin says:

    “Tony was great, professional, prompt, friendly, great DJ, listened to our wishes and perfect!”

    Katherine & Ryan

  25. Admin says:

    “Tony was absolutely awesome! He know how to read the crowd, kept great energy and was super helpful throughout! I can’t express how happy we are with him! Thank you!”

    Tiffany & Houng

    “My husband and I really had a great experience with Elite Entertainment from beginning of the process with DJ Kevin until the end of the day with DJ Tony. Very professional service, very nice selection of songs. We did not expect that many guest to join the dance!”

    Belinda & Iswadi

  26. Admin says:

    “Very attentive to the crowd and world adapt as needed.”

    Edith & Santino

  27. Admin says:

    “He was so pleasant & great to work with! I Just gave him the look & he knew I meant shorten our first dance song. It was cute. He took charge and all guests loved it!”

    Rosanna & Andrew

  28. Admin says:

    “Tony was phenomenal! We were so happy we chose Elite! He really was so much more than “just a DJ”. He made my wedding. I did’t get a chance to say it on the day but thank you so much for making our wedding the best wedding we have ever seen. Amazing! Five Stars!”

    Hannah & Joshua

    “Everything. he was perfect. tony did exactly as we asked for. It exceeded our expectations.”

    Gabriela & Eduardo

    “DJ Tony was really easy to work with. We truly had a fantastic wedding thanks to DJ Tony’s skills.”

    Emily & Tommy

  29. admin says:

    “Our DJ was fun, danced the whole time and always had a smile on sent a positive vibe for our guests.”

    Tiffany & Ivan

  30. admin says:

    “Tony was very personable and adjusted quickly to any request we had. The office worked well, great communication, regarding availability and payment process.”

    Priscilla’s Quinceanera

  31. admin says:

    “Tony was an amazing DJ! My husband was worried at first that he’s be boring but Tony was the exact opposite.”

    Catrina & Giovanni

  32. admin says:

    “Tony was an awesome DJ! I met him a week prior to our wedding and felt absolutely comfortable with him. Thank you for the excellent match up and for assigning him to our wedding. The sound, lighting, music and MCing – everything was perfect. Our guests loved the music and kept complementing us on the evening’s playlist. Thanks Tony”

    Kim & Thomas

  33. admin says:

    “Attention to detail, great MC, everyone loved out DJ and he met and exceeded all of our expectations! Great work guys! Thanks Tony!”

    Alexandra & Dayne

  34. Maria (Jessica) Piazza says:

    Tony was everything you could hope for in your wedding DJ. He was lively, courteous, fun and knew how to let the mood flow. He would come up to me (the bride) to make sure I was ready for the next activity which i valued greatly. Even at the end of the night, he made sure to come up to me (always with an easy smile on his face) to congratulate me and see me off. Everyone had a wonderful time, i would definitely hire him again in a heartbeat. Thank you for making my night that much easier, Tony!! Couldn’t imagine anyone better for the job 🙂

  35. admin says:

    “Tony was very friendly and fun!”

    Brianna & Michael

  36. admin says:

    “From start to finish it was straight forward and super easy. DJ Tony was amazing! Tony made our company party so fun and we built great memories. Awesome company to work with.”

    Valet Custom Cabinets

  37. e3 says:

    “Everything! Very professional and personal experience. Tony and Elite Entertainment went above and beyond. We could not ask for a better DJ experience for our wedding. Thank you!”

    Sarah & Patrick

    “The communication and cooperation went very smoothly and naturally. He payed well, people danced a lot which was exactly what we wanted. Tony did his job excellent!”

    Kerio Technologies Inc

  38. admin says:

    “That he played a lot of good music and was really friendly”

    Celena & Khristian

  39. admin says:

    “Tony was such a professional! He was easy to work with and my guests had a great time! Everyone at Elite was exactly that… Elite.Very pleased Bride :)”

    Jessica & Donnie

  40. admin says:

    “Tony was fantastic! He had everyone on the floor and really read the crowd well!”

    Laura & Michael

  41. admin says:

    “The stress of the event was taken off our hands. tony made us feel so comfortable. We have received so many compliments about the music. The dance floor was packed. Everything was perfect, from my first email to your company to the end of our wedding. Thank you so much!”
    Sophia & Cesar

  42. admin says:

    “Being able to get lighting, slideshow and DJ services without having to worry about anything was good. Tony was great to work with.”
    Alix & Seila

  43. admin says:

    “Tony was very nice and professional. He checked in with the bride and groom frequently. Thank you for a great night!”
    Lauren & Jonathan.

  44. admin says:

    “Tony was fabulous! From our call before the wedding, to emails back and forth to confirming music and to our actual wedding day. We got so many compliments on our DJ! He was just great and the perfect DJ for our wedding! Thank you Tony for helping with the best day ever!”
    Kristin & David

  45. admin says:

    “Tony was very accomadating. Even with lastminuet changes.”
    Narin & Jonathan

    “Everything was great!”
    Brooke & Brian

  46. admin says:

    “DJ Tony was fabulous! Thank you for making the evening some memorable for everyone! We would recommend him and Elite Entertainment without hesitation!”
    Willa & Daniel

  47. admin says:

    “Played all the music on our list. Mixed music appropriately during dancing so thing we always exciting, Announcements made were exciting and engaging but not cheesy or corny. Showed genuine interest making it a fun event for everyone.”
    Jennifer & Andrew

  48. admin says:

    “Tony was absolutely wonderful! I have nothing but great things to say about him and I am so glad we picked him as our DJ. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who asked. Thanks!”
    Jill & Chris

  49. admin says:

    “All in all Tony was THE BEST!!! We are so happy with all his work! DJ Tony was fantastic! He called and spoke to us before the wedding day to ensure all the details were inline with our wishes. He had a few “Easter egg” songs for Chris (the groom) which was an absolute delight and was beyond pleasantly surprised.”
    Athena & Chris

  50. admin says:

    “Tony was excellent to work with at our event. He was very receptive to our open ended evening. Took request , played a nice variety of music and was professional, upbeat and positive.”
    Piedmont Graduation Party

  51. admin says:

    “DJ tony listened to what we wanted and ran with it! He understood what we wanted and even suggested songs that would fit into what we were looking for. He was so well He was so well versed in music and knew what he was doing! I also appreciated the +500 popular song lists! This helped Alex and I weed out songs we loved and hated”
    Jessica & Alex

  52. admin says:

    “Excellent music. Kept the dance floor alive at all times! My guests had such a great time! Thank you so much for your help! We are so happy to have had Elite Entertainment and DJ Tony our wedding!”
    Fung-Chi & Jeffery

  53. admin says:

    “Choosing our DJ was the easiest wedding decision. We had seen Tony at another event and loved him. Everyone at Elite was friendly and helpful. Tony MADE our wedding! He was high energy and enthusiastic. He had the ability to feel out the crowd and play music that kept the crowd happy, us happy, the energy and the dance floor packed. We will recommend Tony to everyone and will without a doubt use him again!”
    Beth & Nick

  54. admin says:

    “Tony was professional about everything, played the right music to get people dancing. He was on top of everything. Liked that he would email and call me about everything. He was great.”
    Lizbeth & Efrain

  55. admin says:

    “Very organized and went with the flow of the wedding. Perfect in every way.”
    Diana & Vince

  56. admin says:

    “Absolutely FANTASTIC! Tony was amazing before/during/after. Once he took over, we finally got to enjoy our wedding day more fully. He coordinated well, was revered by the crowd, and helped make it the best day of our lives!”
    Sarah & Jon

  57. admin says:

    “Tony was very nice. He had a smile on his face all evening. Music was great. We will see you next year.”
    – Corporate Event – Candle Lighters

  58. Admin says:

    “Tony was an excellent MC. He worked great with us and our coordinator. We and our guests had an awesome time dancing the night away. We would absolutely recommend him to everybody!”
    Mary-Ann & Quan

  59. Admin says:

    “Tony was very easy to work with. He was confident in his recommendations but also gave us the freedom to add in our own suggestions.”
    Abby & Brett

  60. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was amazing! He played such a great selection of music that suited our tastes and had all our guests dancing all night! He went above and beyond giving us timely updates and keeping the party on track.”
    Tania & Elliott

  61. Admin says:

    “Tony is awesome! We felt comfortable with him from the get-go. I recommend Elite to my friend before I even had my wedding and Tony was their DJ so I knew we were in good hands. Thanks you! We enjoyed the variety he played!”
    Mayra & Ray

  62. Admin says:

    “Our DJ played the songs we requested. People danced and enjoyed themselves while celebrating our wedding.”
    Robin & Douglas

  63. Admin says:

    “Played music as expected, good announcer, classy.”
    Jocelyn & Miles

  64. Admin says:

    “Tony masterfully accommodated our delays, music requests and guests. His ability to MC made our reception feel more polished and organized in addition to his professionalism and approachability. The couples dance mini game was a nice surprise. Our only regret is that our reception wasn’t longer so Tony could keep the party going.”
    Kiyomi & Robert

  65. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was prompt, helpful and in a great mood the entire time. Our guests loved the music and didn’t stop dancing the entire time. Thanks!”
    Ashley & Jonathan

  66. Admin says:

    “Great energy from Tony. Great music.”
    Lia & Alex

  67. Admin says:

    “Tony was the best DJ at any wedding I’ve ever been to. So polite to my guests and kept us dancing all night long. Very impressed with him and Elite Entertainment!”
    Jamie & Akbar

  68. Admin says:

    “Communication was excellent, requested songs were played, Tony was extremely nice and did a great job!”
    Lauren & Geoffrey

  69. Admin says:

    “Mike and I want to extend a sincere thank you to DJ Tony. He was fantastic to work with and we really enjoyed having him with us on our special day. Since Tony helped keep us on track with our timeline, the entire reception went incredibly smoothly. Our guests loved the music and Tony definitely helped keep everyone on their feet! Thank you again!”
    Lisa & Mike

  70. Admin says:

    “Tony was awesome! He was very accommodating to our varied needs and questions. He gave us a heads up before each event at the wedding and clearly communicated about how it would go. We love him!”
    Christina & Jamey

  71. Admin says:

    “Tony is awesome! He mixed two very different songs for our first dance, was on top of all the details leading up to the wedding and put us at ease with his laid-back but very professional demeanor. He made our guests (from three different countries and a wide range of backgrounds) all enjoy the event with his excellent DJ skills. Highly recommend Tony!”
    Julia & Dipo

  72. Admin says:

    “DJ was very pleasant and accommodating. Easy to work with.”
    Joanne & Darrell Martinez

  73. Admin says:

    “So simple from start to finish with wonderful execution and professionalism. Tony was incredible! He totally listened to our needs and played according to the mood of the evening. Couldn’t have been better.”
    Melissa & Austin

  74. Admin says:

    “The mix he played was awesome. He knew exactly what to play, we didn’t even have to ask or request a song because he knew what to play.”
    Johanna & Andrew

  75. Admin says:

    “Tony exceeded our expectations! He was awesome.”
    Erin & Gilbert

  76. Admin says:

    “Tony made us feel calm and comfortable knowing he was taking care of everything. I was a little neurotic as the bride and made a couple of changes to fit in more dancing and he accommodated us perfectly! He is AMAZING!”
    Nicole & Josh

  77. Admin says:

    “Tony had such a great attitude the entire way, he was so fun to work with and very easy going. He really knows his stuff! For sure my favorite vendor to work with!”
    Lauren & Adam

  78. Admin says:

    “Great communication prior to and during event. Kept on our timeline. Great music!”
    Stephanie & Bryan

  79. Admin says:

    “Very helpful, flexible and professional”
    Jessica & Kyle

  80. Admin says:

    “Tony checked in with me throughout the event to make sure I was satisfied and was very friendly”

  81. Admin says:

    “Everything was taken care of and I didn’t have to worry about anything so I could relax and enjoy the evening too!”
    LitiNomics Holiday Party

  82. Admin says:

    “Tony is always so friendly, courteous and flexible. We love working with him!”
    Garden Court Hotel Holiday Party

  83. Admin says:

    “We love everything about DJ Tony! He made everything so easy for us and was an absolute delight to work with. His music recommendations worked perfectly. He kept the crowd moving. He lit up the place with his energy and smile. Best DJ Ever!”
    Kathy & Barry

  84. Admin says:

    “Tony and the rest of your team was very easy to deal with. Tony was very flexible as far as the agenda for the evening. He honored requests and keep the dance floor occupied! Thanks!”
    Advanced Chemical Transport Holiday Party

  85. Admin says:

    “The DJ was very attentive to our musical needs. We are still enjoying the CD he made for us!”
    Liliana & Diego

  86. Admin says:

    “Tony did an amazing job! We loved the music. He knew exactly what our guests wanted to dance to. Tony did wonderful and helped make our day unforgettable.Thank you so much Tony!”
    James & Alma

  87. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony did an awesome job, he played everything as requested and had the crowd up and dancing all night! He was very professional and knew his music as well as what he was doing. We look forward to working with DJ Tony again. Thanks for an awesome night Tony V.”
    Golden State Carpet Holiday Party

  88. Admin says:

    “I didn’t worry or stress about anything the day of the event. DJ Tony had it all covered and made sure everything ran smoothly.”
    Madeline & Sal

  89. Admin says:

    “Professionalism, organization and fun atmosphere! :)”
    Brynna & Anthony

  90. Admin says:

    “Tony was unbelievable! He was friendly, helpful, organized and amazing! Not only did we and our guests enjoy ourselves but so did Tony! He was a very professional DJ. So many compliments. He had great timing and kept the flow. I would hire Tony again in a heartbeat. Thank you for making our daughter’s wedding fantastic!”
    Elizabeth & Kevin

  91. Admin says:

    “Tony was awesome! At our pre-wedding meeting, he was very accommodating to our schedule (we basically dropped-in) and made us feel like we were in good hands. At the wedding he helped direct us for our grand entrance, toasts, first dance, etc. Very professional and fun to work with!”
    Stephanie & Ernest Hanes

  92. Admin says:

    “Tony was amazing! At first we were hesitant to hire a DJ company because we thought wedding music would be generic, but we were wrong! He went above and beyond in helping us merge a file with music for a play we did. He came in on a day off to meet with us the week of our wedding. We never felt rushed with him even though he wasn’t working that day.

    On our wedding day, he played music that had all of our guests dancing. We had a crowd that likes Spanish music and then English music and everyone was dancing! Tony was a great bilingual DJ; his Spanish is very good. He also has such a great positive vibe; he was smiling the whole reception, it made us feel great. We can’t say enough positive things about Tony. Since the wedding people have told us how much they enjoyed the music.

    Aside from having a great ear for music, Tony was one of the most pleasant guys to work with. He was always smiles but serious when it came to people dancing. Tony is just hands down amazing and the definition of elite!”
    Sylvia & Rhode

  93. Admin says:

    “The whole experience was enjoyable, from the initial consultation to the end. Tony exceeded our expectations and did a great job. The dance floor was packed all night long!”
    Lori & Rogelio

  94. Admin says:

    “We loved Tony! He did a great job feeling out the crowd and keeping everyone on the dance floor. Everyone commented on how much fun they had!”
    Tricia & Ziven

  95. Admin says:

    “Tony’s experience showed as the night’s event went smoothly. Everyone felt comfortable and had a lot of fun on the dance floor. Tony read the crowd well and kept the party going up ’til the end. Thanks for making the wedding process easier for us with all your patience and great attitude”
    Natalie & David

  96. Admin says:

    “Tony was wonderful. He had a smile on his face and remained cool, calm, confident and collected for the entire evening. He respected every request, was very helpful and informative planning the wedding. The dance floor was packed the entire night and Tony himself danced at our wedding. I would recommend Tony in a second! Thank you!”
    Shanna & Erin

  97. Admin says:

    “Tony understood what was needed and set the volume at the right height. He was on time, pleasant and professional. We were very pleased.”
    Intuitive Surgical

  98. Admin says:

    “Tony was excellent. All of our guests were so happy with the music! Tony was very considerate of the music list I provided and took all of my guest’s requests. The wedding was a hit and the music was great. Thank you Tony! You rocked it!”
    Fabiola & Salvador

  99. Admin says:

    “Our DJ was very upbeat and ensured that my husband and I, as well as our guests, were having a great time! We got a ton of compliments from our guests!!”
    Lindsay & Patrick

  100. Admin says:

    “The DJ was outstanding. Tony took care of all of our requests and kept the party live. Thank you Tony!”
    Tatiana & Rick

  101. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony is the perfect combination. Plays great music, keeps all our vendors in mind, kept us perfectly in time to plan and was flexible with requests and change in schedule.”
    Tracy & Andy Juang

  102. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was great and friendly. He seemed interested in both us and the music we liked. He was the best!”
    Michelle & Eric Kalman

  103. Admin says:

    “We love Tony! He amazed our guests as well. Everyone had great things to say about him and his music. Tony stepped in when our previous DJ had to move and he did great getting everything organized. He even met us at a place and time convenient for us.”
    Cindy & Joe Reinke

  104. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony V. was amazing! He exceeded my expectations. My guest raves about him for many days following the event. He did a wonderful job with guests and for helping me manage an aggressive timeline. DJ Tony is an absolute joy to work with!”
    “Tinna & Sequoyah Nicholson”

  105. Admin says:

    “Tony was awesome and coordinated our reception when the serving staff fell apart. I have already recommended him to several people. Thank you!.”
    Rachel & Joe Allen

  106. Admin says:

    “Tony did a wonderful job, he played all of our favorite music and he even played Spanish music my family loved it. He totally surprised me.”
    “Laura & Ivan Ojeda”

  107. Admin says:

    “Tony was Awesome!. The member kids adore him, the music was so good, we kept having adults from the event downstairs trying to join the teen event. Great Job!.”
    Tween Nite – Silver Creek Valley Country Club

  108. Admin says:

    “Tony perfectly tailored the music to the crowd’s vibe, with great satisfaction! Our guest commented on the great music selection that he played. Tony’s fun personality added to the success of the night! Thank you Tony for your great work!!!.”
    Joana & Alex Martinez

  109. Admin says:

    “The dance floor was full the entire night. Many of my guests told me afterwards how nice Tony was and that the Music was fabulous. Tony is great to work with!.”
    Julie & Jeff Ulrich

  110. Admin says:

    “The DJ was awesome. Definitely would recommend him to anyone looking!.”
    New Relic

  111. Admin says:

    “Tony was really friendly and personable.”
    Clare & Vince Maeda Wedding

  112. Admin says:

    “Tony was very friendly and easy to work with. I was so pleased to have chosen Tony as our DJ. He did a great job!.”
    Shawna & J.J Reyes

  113. Admin says:

    “Thank you DJ Tony and all of our fiends at Elite Entertainment! We had the best party in years and all due to having a professional DJ! We appreciate it and will always recommend Elite to all our clients! Thanks again!”
    Garden Court Hotel Holiday Party

    “Thank you for accommodating our event even with very short notice. Our guests enjoyed the music and DJ Tony was very accommodating & easy to work with. Thank you!”
    Maggiano’s – Santana Row

  114. Admin says:

    “Very professional; good balance of presence without being overbearing. Thank you!”
    Sandra & Elio Polsinelli

    “Our DJ was very personable and made an effort to make us feel comfortable working with him”
    Vayama Holiday Party

  115. Admin says:

    “We really appreciated the fact that Tony was very easy going, helpful (but not pushy), and very knowledgeable about all different types of music. He was able to blend Persian, Spanish, and Top 40 hits into our wedding. We would hire Tony again and again to be a part of our wedding. We thought he did an amazing job and we are so thankful we went with Tony for our special day!”
    Kristin & Hamid Hosseinipoor

    “Easy going but professional. Felt like one less thing to worry about for wedding planning.”
    Jennifer & Kevin Pazirandeh

    “We had both Spanish & English speaking guests at our wedding reception. Tony did an excellent job! Thank you.”
    Sylvia & Ulysses Vasquez

    “We were extremely impressed at the ease of meeting with Elite Entertainment. We only met with Tony a few days before our wedding, but everything went perfectly. Tony was incredibly friendly, personable, & good on his feet. His efforts helped make the wedding fun & memorable!”
    Iris & Evan Wang

    “I liked that the entire process was easy. Speaking to Turner when I was shopping around put me at ease and the price was very competitive. Tony was an excellent MC, chose awesome music to compliment our playlist, and made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks so much!”
    Yunjie & Lawrence Maligaya

  116. Admin says:

    “Tony’s personality was great and I wasn’t stressed about the wedding because based on the reviews, I felt I couldn’t go wrong. He added a great energy and is clearly a very positive person. He was excellent and is great at his job.”
    Elisabeth & Nicholas Strand

    “Perfectly selected timing of all of our requested songs. Tony was outgoing, friendly, and charmed our guests. He took a lot of pressure off of us and led the events of the night, making all announcements and special requests. His song suggestions and recommendations were spot on.”
    Stefanie & Jake Luna

  117. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was fantastic at MCing the event. We received so many compliments during and after the wedding that the music was terrific. We could not have asked for a better DJ! Thank you so much!”
    Michelle & John Kilty

    “Tony was very organized and played a great variety of music. He kept us on a time schedule which was very helpful to us and our venue. We would definitely recommend him to our friends and family.”
    Lissette & Greg Bobis

    “Tony Played great music all night and did a great job of keeping the guests on the dance floor. We had a great time and it looked like everyone else did too. Thanks again!”
    Erica & Justin Niehaus

  118. Michael says:

    I recently shot a wedding at Nestldown in Los Gatos, CA. Tony was as professional as they come, and kept the party going the entire time. He was fun, super polite, and genuinely a nice guy. He strikes me as someone who clearly loves what he does, and that makes him exactly the person you want.

    It was a pleasure meeting you, Tony!

    Mike and Jehn @ Michael James Photography

  119. Admin says:

    “Tony developed a very good rapport with our wedding guests. He played music for all age groups and orchestrated the event very well. Many of our guests have complimented our DJ!”
    Meigan & Matthew Alese

    “Tony was awesome at coordinating with us when we needed announcements, etc. He also played a good selection of music & catered to my guests’ request. Thanks so much Tony!”
    Inga & David Eckelberry

    “DJ Tony had a great time and really got the people up and dancing.”
    Laura & Zachary Dunagan

    “You guys are simply the best. All of our guests raved on how amazing Tony was, and I agree 100%. Thanks so much for making our day a huge success!”
    Patty & Paul Koch

  120. Admin says:

    “Tony was fantastic! Our event ended up starting quite late and Tony helped us to get through all the events we still had planned. Also, Tony can shuffle like no other!”
    Katrina & Paul Castillo

  121. Admin says:

    “Wedding planning can get confusing and all of you made it easy for us to handle the music part. The DJ was perfect for our bilingual, latino & caucasian wedding.”
    Alejandra & Matt Stimson

  122. Admin says:

    “DJ Tony was amazing! We had the best time ever and people will talk about the party for years! He was excellent!”
    Sagit Manor

    “We had the best time with our DJ Tony. He did an amazing job in making sure our guests had a great time. We were very well pleased and satisfied with our music. Tony is a great DJ and a nice person to work with . Thanks!”
    Nitze & Stephen Rollis

  123. Admin says:

    “Donald and I were extremely happy and pleased with out DJ, Tony, for our wedding! All of our guests had nothing but great comments on the music. The surprise CD’s that Tony gave us, we will treasure them forever! Thank you!”
    Mylene & Donald Momon

  124. Admin says:

    “From top to bottom my experience with Tony V. was great!!! from our talks on the phone to him actually dancing the Cha Cha Slide with me and my guests!!! We thought he was the greatest! Thank you.”
    Sharie & Matthew Saldivar

    “We Liked that Tony contacted us to go through all of the wedding music, and that he allowed us to make some last minute changes to the song list.”
    Rovie & Jesse Aragon

    “You could see the DJ’s joy in his smile, and in the way he grooved to the music. We had great time as well! He was very well mannered and easy going! He made the night run smoothly.”
    Victoria & Daniel Ruiz

    “Tony was awesome. We had last minute changes to the music list at pretty much EVERY hour and he was able to accommodate without any reservations. Thanks Tony!”
    Annie & Coung Luong

    “Very professional! He was fantastic! Thank you so much =D I wish all DJ’s were like yours. This was my 2nd time using Freedom Hall & Elite Entertainment, and once again it was PERFECT!!!”
    Andrea Seabrands – Kaiser.

    “Tony was great he kept the energy in the room up. We had a great time and would request Tony again.”
    Windson Communities

    “Our DJ was awesome which is why we keep coming back to Elite. Tony Rocks!!!”
    Sharon M. – F5 Networks

    “Tony was very friendly and listened to what we wanted. He took the time to play all of the different genres we wanted. We had a very diverse group and everyone had a great time.”
    Cristel & Jeffrey Owen

    “He played a good variety of music, Which was good because my guest loved the music selection and were having a good time dancing”
    Angelica & Les Blankenship

    “Our DJ was really concerned about making me happy and my guests happy. Tony ran any changes by me which i appreciated. Tony kept the party going and everyone had a an awesome time. Thank you! (see full review on yelp)”
    Sarah & Donovan Mckell

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