DJ Brandon

DJ Brandon has always felt that in one way or another his calling in life was music. With a background heavily influenced by music production, he has always felt that the right song can turn moments into memories. This has been his motivation for every event that he has been a part of.

His music tastes are broad, and he believes that there is a song for every situation. He grew up listening to the styles that his parent’s loved; classic rock and country. His father was a drummer, and he would spend weekends playing at clubs and busking. This was his very first introduction to performance. He followed after his father, picking up a few more instruments along the way such as the trumpet, and vocal training. Throughout his teenage years he was introduced to many other different genres. Some of his favorites at that time included rock, hip-hop, and rap. In his adult life Brandon fell in love with live shows, dancing, and the atmosphere that came along with it. In his time off, he can often be found at shows for artists like The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, or just about any House DJ.

The key to his success is his winning attitude, willingness to work with other vendors, and his attention to detail. Brandon wants to make sure that each event he’s a part of is filled with perfect moments to make those perfect memories.