DJ Ross

Ross Hartman’s full time profession is music. Before joining Elite Entertainment as a mobile disc jockey, he owned San Jose’s Flashback Records. Ross takes pride in locating every song requested for your event. Comfortable on the microphone, He has over 20 years of disc jockey experience including commercial radio. You may have heard him on-the-air at KARA, KKIQ, WDUR, WDBS, or currently on KSJS. He also specializes in Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Corporate events. As a full time disc jockey, He can focus exclusively on your event, so you can count on a smoothly running affair.


105 Responses to DJ Ross

  1. Admin says:

    “The worksheet was an excellent way to document the steps necessary to aid the DJ in a successful event. Well done! This allowed us to focus on having a good time knowing Ross had everything he needed.”

    Edna & Jim

  2. Admin says:

    “Ross exceeded expectations. He was awesome.”

    Sarah & Kyle

  3. Admin says:

    “Great variety of music. Kept us “on track” with announcements.”

    Stephanie Allen

  4. Admin says:

    “He didn’t need to do many announcements but was excellent and song choice and even provided us with an instrumental version of ‘Baby it’s cold out side” as we originally planned a duet but was not able to do it.”

    Verseon Company Party

  5. Admin says:

    “My favorite part was when Ross played ‘Be Our Guest’ on our way to eat. I am a diehard Disney fan and that put a smile on my face!”
    Cortney & Andrew

    “I loved that Ross took the time to meet with me a week before to talk about my very particular music choices. Really made me feel like a friend was DJing my wedding. Simply wonderful job!”
    Gina & Andrew

    “He was very professional, Entertaining to our guests and played all the songs on our list! We truly enjoyed having Ross as our DJ! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better!”
    Christina & Marcio

    “DJ Ross made it easy for us to pick and choose music and he was able to clip the music to play at the night time. His announcements were perfect along with his energy. We would highly recommend Elite Entertainment to others.”
    Belinda & Scott

    “Ross understood the needs of our group and worked well with Sara and Rachel, our daughters, during the event.”
    Marg’s Birthday Party

    “The experience and confidence of Ross made us comfortable that our event would go off fine. It was great! All of our guests had a great time.”
    Sindy & Mike.

  6. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was professional in appearance and ready to go before guests arrived. He was easy to work with, fun, helpful and positive!”

    Saul’s 50th Birthday

  7. Admin says:

    “Ross was helpful editing songs for our dances to just the right length, He also played most of the music (if not all) that we personally requested. He was a great help making sure we stayed on schedule”

    Han & Chris

  8. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross really listened to us and played all the right music at our wedding. Everyone loved that we took it back old school and really enjoyed the music. It made people feel nostalgic and they loved it!”

    Tu & Johnny

  9. Admin says:

    ” We love everything. They are so professional. and they played awesome music. Thank you so much for the awesome music.”

    Sherry & Enrique

  10. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was very friendly and easy to work with. He was also excellent at selecting fun tracks and getting guests to dance.”

    Zhewei & Steven

    “Ross did a great job, he coordinated with the coordinator so well they kept me on schedule. He did not play anything that I did not wanted played. Everyone had a great time is what I’ve been hearing.”

    Laura & Nicholas

  11. Admin says:

    “You found a HDMI cable in your stuff that we needed for our presentation! Ross was great and helpful!”


  12. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross did a great job. Couldn’t ask for a better DJ. Loved that he personalized our songs and his interaction with us. He was very professional and upbeat. Perfect night!”

    Jennifer & Tracy

    “Ross did an incredible job. He verified twice of all the bridal party/family names and did an impromptu announcement of the bride giving her new sister in law her bouquet. he even put a spot light on her!”

    Tiondra & Luke

  13. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was personable, accommodating and unobtrusive. He played the right songs at the right time to get the party going and keep the guests engaged. He was professional and able to read the crowd. Such a nice man!”

    Julie Purcell

  14. Admin says:

    “Ross was so personable our guests were raving and ranting. He talked a great amount. So good at the transitions. Loved getting a CD at the end!”

    Dominique & David

  15. Admin says:

    “Ross did a great job. Very kind and professional. He helped keep everything moving along! Thank you so much!”

    Jaime & Akeem

  16. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross ‘read’ our guest perfectly and played perfect songs from Rock n Roll, Country and Classic Rock. His commentaries were funny but appropriate. Our guests were dancing and have fun all night. The photo booth was great too!

    Marie & Erik

  17. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was excellent! He played all of the songs we wanted and kept the flow of the party on point. We came up with a “name that tune” game to excuse tables to the buffet a few days before the wedding and he executed it flawlessly. Elite Entertainment as a company was a pleasure to work with. They were very attentive, replied to emails and questions immediately and paired us with a DJ that really matched our style. Everything was awesome! Thank you!”

    Lauren & Josh

  18. Admin says:

    “Ross is a total gem and really talented. So kind.”

    Mahin & Ismail

  19. Admin says:

    “You made it so easy and you were very accommodating. I felt that we didn’t have to worry about the entertainment at all. Because you had it all under control.”

    Maureen & Michael

  20. Admin says:

    “You handled the music for us beautifully and we didn’t have to worry about it.”

    Dora & John

  21. Admin says:

    “Very flexible and adaptable DJ. Wonderful job!”

    Diana & Michael

    “Ross was professional and easy to get along with. Thank you!”

    Lisa & Cindy

    “We really enjoyed the married couples dance and the garter toss. The DJ was very funny and energetic.”

    Nicole & Ryan

  22. Admin says:

    “Very easy to work with and communicate with! Ross was friendly and personable and always made sure our needs were heard and met.”

    Melanie & Norman

  23. admin says:

    “That the DJ did a professional job and the music and dancing left everyone happy.”

    Rachel & John

    “Loved The music! Was bummed to have it end while everyone was still on the dance floor.”

    Janice & Alex

  24. admin says:

    “DJ Ross managed the course/sequencing fantastically!He played great music and had a wonderful announcing voice. Would recommend him in a heat beat.”

    Charlene & Bryan

  25. admin says:

    “Ross got a sense of the group and he selected music and maintained an atmosphere that was enjoyed by everyone.”

    Pam’s 60th Birthday

  26. admin says:

    “DJ Ross amiable personality and calm demeanor ensured a timely and smooth flow events without compromising the “fun” and enjoyment of the guests at the party.”

    Patricia Du

  27. admin says:

    “Ross was wonderful! He did well above what I expected. Thank you so much!”

    Adaoha & Donte

  28. admin says:

    “Friendly DJ Who made sure all the announcements and music was perfect! I also appreciated all my questions being answered promptly and in detail before the event.”

    Esther & JK Fujimoto Wedding

  29. admin says:

    “DJ Ross was kind, sociable and had a terrific speaking voice. He was able to quickly adjust to the every changing timeline. Thank you for being so amazing.”

    Marlene & Frankie

    “Ross was a delight! He made everything fun and worry free.”

    Danielle & Cody

    “Thank you, everything was wonderful.”


  30. admin says:

    “We enjoyed the fact that once we hired you we felt taken care of. You made us so confident in our choice. I never once thought about the music during the wedding because it was so good I danced the night away which is exactly what we wanted!!”

    Diana & Miles

  31. admin says:

    “Your responses to inquiries and all communications came in a very timely manner. You were all very professional”

    Geri & John

  32. admin says:

    “DJ Ross was very enthusiastic the whole night and his energy level was very helpful. His ability of reading the crowd also ensured our guest have a wonderful time. We were pleasantly surprised how many people were dancing.”

    Elisa & Travis

    “Ross was very professional before during and after our event. He was more than helpful to the hostesses.”

    Elizabeth Erickson.

  33. admin says:

    “We had requested both traditional dancing music and Spanish (salsa and merengue). Ross did a fantastic job mixing the two at appropriate times!”
    Rebecca & Eric

  34. admin says:

    “Ross did a great job as both the MC & DJ at my wedding. He played all the songs I requested, including some additional songs requested the day before the wedding. I especially appreciated his flexibility with revising the timeline during the event. Thank you Ross.”
    Allen & Irin

  35. admin says:

    “Ross did an excellent job. He was the perfect DJ for our wedding and it couldn’t have gone better! Thanks Ross!”
    Sandra & Josh

  36. admin says:

    “Ross was great and exceeded out expectations! Thank you!”
    Jacki & Ben

  37. admin says:

    “Ross was on time and kept the entire event flowing seamlessly through out the day/night. His attitude was great and he kept the guests entertained. Loved all the music! He made the event fabulous! Couldn’t have done it with out him.”
    Karin & Christopher

  38. admin says:

    “Ross created an absolutely perfect tone to our special evening!he was more than perfect and I will recommend Ross and Elite Entertainment to everyone I know!”
    Sarah & Dan

  39. admin says:

    “Friends complemented how well everything flowed. The DJ was an excellent MC. It was perfect.”
    Liann & Jack

    “Everything was excellent!”
    Veronica & Regan

    “It was very easy to fill out your music sheet. Ross was great to work with. He kept our night flowing well and everyone had a great time. We love our CD with songs!”
    Courtney & Ryan

  40. admin says:

    “The music was the type we asked for cocktails hour and dinner. The songs for the reception were straight off our list we provided”

    Tiffany & Jacob

  41. admin says:

    “Ross was amazing! Really Easy to get a hold of and to do business. I thought it would be difficult to set songs not on the list, boy was I wrong. Once we filled out our music selection Ross handled everything”
    Elise & Dmitry

  42. Admin says:

    “After worrying about everything for months, it was amazing just to relax and watch our guests have an awesome time. Thanks”
    Rem & Jeff

  43. Admin says:

    “Ross was a real trooper. He could even guess what we were about to ask him. Hes so experienced and very professional.”
    Vangie & Richard

  44. Admin says:

    “Everything was taken care of in such a professional manner, we didn’t have to worry at all about the music or DJ. Thank you!”
    Marianne & Todd

  45. Admin says:

    “Easy to work with. DJ Ross was very personable and accommodating with our changes in schedule. All of our guests were very happy with the entertainment!”
    Jessica & Khoa

  46. Admin says:

    “All our guests had an amazing time. Our DJ worked well with The Freedom Hall and everything went smoothly. We couldn’t have asked for a more special day. Thank you!”
    Rachelle & Robert

  47. Admin says:

    “Our wedding was perfect… in large part thanks to the excellent service provided by Ross. We had a magical night and can’t thank you enough!”
    Tiffany & Pete

  48. Admin says:

    “Everything was perfect!”
    Anna & John

  49. Admin says:

    “Ross was easy to work with, had a great helpful attitude and great music knowledge.”
    Sandy & Alan

  50. Admin says:

    “My DJ was extremely professional, very sincere and caring.”
    Elaine & William

  51. Admin says:

    “Ross was so nice and accommodating the day of the event. We had a few last minute changes and he quickly adapted. Before the event he was great about making music selection suggestions. He was fabulous!!”
    Cheryl & Brett

  52. Admin says:

    “Ross, our DJ, was very professional and did an amazing job with easing our minds and making sure we had everything we needed. Our wedding is still being talked about and how beautiful it was.”
    Amanda & JR

  53. Admin says:

    “Woody was very entertaining, great sense of humor and made us feel like we could ask for anything. The process working with the company as a whole was very easy and not a stressful at all”
    Rebecca & Robert

  54. Admin says:

    “Loved how he blended all the different types of music I wanted. So grateful he was able to find my very picky songs that I wanted for my ceremony. Overall great music selections!”
    Ermelinda & Shane

  55. Admin says:

    “We enjoyed the music selection and how he got everyone’s input and suggestions to make the rest of the day amazing from start to finish. He was fun and full of personality which the guests picked up on and everything was above and beyond expectations!”
    Rebecca & Joshua

  56. Admin says:

    “Had a wonderful wedding. Ross was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you.”
    Erin & Craig

  57. Admin says:

    “They played all the songs I requested and really made life simple for me to enjoy my day. They are awesome and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!”
    Malini & Sergio

  58. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was so personable and professional. He called ahead of time to review our timeline and song selections. DJ Ross was very flexible on the big day and helped make our guests feel welcomed and comfortable.”
    Stephanie & Barnaby

  59. Admin says:

    “Ross is pleasant, professional and engaged in the event. He did an amazing job with our special event and we won’t hesitate to ask for him the next time we need a DJ”
    National Charity League Event

  60. Admin says:

    “DJ (Ross) did a great job making sure he knew exactly what we wanted as far as songs, introducing, and timing. Excellent!”
    Sarah & Chris

  61. Admin says:

    “Every detail was handled for us. Perfect!”
    City of Santa Clara Poker Night

  62. Admin says:

    “Ross helped make this party the best we could have hoped for. We would recommend him 100% and will use your services for any future events.”
    91st Birthday Party

  63. Admin says:

    “Along with the DJ/music and the photo booth from Elite Entertainment our guests definitely had a great time! Ross was a great DJ and was able to get all ages on the dance floor. Thank you so much for your services! Will definitely recommend.”
    Judy & Ramon

  64. Admin says:

    “I love how Ross was joining in during the best man’s speech. He added drum rolls which made the speeches hilarious. He played the music we asked him to play and the CD with our music made it even more awesome. Thank you again!!!”
    Maria & Seth

  65. Admin says:

    “Ross was awesome! Clearly experienced and was flexible as changing needs evolved. He adapted perfectly. The music we requested was exactly what we wanted! Ross helped make our evening perfect!”
    Michele & Andrew

  66. Admin says:

    “He was very personable, friendly and played music that suited our personalities! Everyone enjoyed the entertainment!”
    Monica & Steven

  67. Admin says:

    “Everything was so professional and punctual!”
    Brittany & Lucas

  68. Admin says:

    “Everything was perfect! Nice job Ross.”
    Norma & Keith

  69. Admin says:

    “We both enjoyed everything about our wedding. We got many comments that Ross who was the best DJ they had ever heard. The flow of events, volume, announcements were all fantastic! I also loved the surprise CD gift at the end!”
    Kelsey & Alan

  70. Admin says:

    “Ross was a great DJ and we really appreciated his professionalism and enthusiasm. We also really appreciate Elite Entertainment finding all the songs we requested and coordinating with a family friend to have the guitar played during the ceremony. We will definitely recommend!”
    Michelle & Chris

  71. Admin says:

    “Ross listened to all our requests and only played the wrongs we wanted. He also did a great job keeping the dance floor full!”
    Miranda & Taylor

  72. Admin says:

    “We really appreciate the CD with the music!! We treasure it!!”

  73. Admin says:

    “Loved the music. Played our requested songs and kept us dancing the whole night!”
    Jennifer & Daniel O’Neil

  74. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was so calm and professional throughout the process. We had a great experience with him. He did a wonderful job day of and we had nothing but great feedback”
    Ria & Pete

  75. Admin says:

    “Ross was very professional. Music was terrific. Receiving a CD of the music was a wonderful surprise, very thoughtful and we’ll be enjoying it and reliving the event all week.”
    50th Anniversary

  76. Admin says:

    “He was in full control. The guests didn’t take over. Thank you so much! Very thankful for the announcements, very professional, funny, kind and awesome! I’m so happy I am not making sense.”
    Hiba & Khamis

  77. Admin says:

    “Everything was done simply and correctly. It was smooth and professional.”
    Cait & Josh

  78. Admin says:

    “Everything occurred seamlessly. Ross was in tune with the audience and the program that we had organized. He has a great personality!! Thank you!”

  79. Admin says:

    “Ross was full of energy and made sure everything ran smoothly. He showed up over two hours early to set up and make sure he touched base with the venue coordinator. Ross was amazing and made our night!”
    Lena & Michael

  80. Admin says:

    “Ross was very calm and very happy. I love his voice! Great DJ. Great sound.”

  81. Admin says:

    “Ross did a good job of playing the right songs at the right time. He was able to find unusual requests. He has a nice speaking voice. We like the CDs he gave us from the event.”
    Rebecca & Elliott

  82. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was friendly, organized and professional. Even at the end of the evening DJ Ross was friendly and courteous. He helped to make our wedding a success. Thank you!!!”
    Kate & Beat

  83. Admin says:

    “Ross was phenomenal!! I can’t imagine having any other DJ for my wedding. I was very pleased! Excellent work! Thank you Ross!!”
    Samantha & Brian

  84. Admin says:

    “All around excellent service. Great personality and music mixture. Would high recommend DJ Ross. He was a lot of fun!”
    Nicole & Nathan Prinzjakowitsch

  85. Melissa Smith says:

    Ross did. Fabulous job at my wedding on June 30,2013. He was present to talk to on the phone and followed all instructions to T. Thank u again Ross

  86. Admin says:

    “Ross was professional and fun. He made planning for the event easy/ All songs we requested were played. He had a large part in making our wedding so fun!”
    Cindy & Duran Minkler

  87. Admin says:

    “Ross was amazing! we had a great time and all our friends and family did as well thank you!.”
    Caryn & Tommy Vo

  88. Admin says:

    “Ross was very engaged with our guests. He knew what songs to play after the suggested ones ran out. Everyone was dancing that could dance :)”
    Nancy & Matt Franzen

  89. Admin says:

    “Very approachable prior to the event. Overall, absolutely fantastic.”
    Nadine & Jeremy Truntzer

  90. Admin says:

    “Well organized, friendly”
    Julie & Tom Hanhauser

  91. Admin says:

    “Ross was on time. He made it very fun and was willing to make changes on the fly!.”
    Michelle & Arnel Toralba

  92. Admin says:

    “Ross was very engaged with our guests. He knew exactly what songs to play after the suggested ones ran out and everyone was dancing. Thank you Ross!”.
    Nancy & Matt Franzen

  93. Admin says:

    “Ross interacted well with our guests and was very friendly!.”
    Celina Avila & Donna

  94. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was able to handle unexpected changes and make everyone as happy as they could be. Ross was very accommodating & professional throughout the entire night. A job very well done!”
    Kwang-Suk & Howard Kim

  95. Admin says:

    “Ross the DJ was amazing! So easy to work with and all of our guests loved him. Thank you so much for the gift at the end. We love Ross the DJ!”
    Shannan & Marshall Brengle

    “DJ Ross was great! He and Lucia at The Freedom Hall worked together to ensure everything went as planned. We were very impressed that he included all of our email requests.”
    Peggy & Erik Brewster

  96. Admin says:

    “We asked for certain things and they were done far beyond our expectations. Paid close attention to detail and was well mannered with a great sense of humor. Couldn’t have picked a better DJ!”
    Kaitlyn & Michael Galileo

    “The DJ was enthusiastic without being too cheesy. The dance floor was packed the whole night!”
    Erege & Alex Macis

    “Ross was very easy to work with. He chose excellent music for the reception and had great timing with the songs we picked out for the ceremony. Working with Ross was very smooth and stress-free. Thanks!”
    Shannon & Sushanth Sowmyan

    “While DJ Ross wasn’t what I had pictures when beginning my DJ search,he was great. There is so much more than just playing music. He kept us on schedule, played great music, and assisted in all the little things we needed. Very professional and very experienced.”
    Katherine & Christopher Walker

    “All our guests had a great time. Ross’ services definitely exceeded our expectations.”
    Becky & Chris Chueng

    “Ross did a wonderful job of supporting the event. Kept our guests engaged and was available for our needs. timing was perfect. Thanks Ross!”
    Mike & Nan Bassoni

  97. Admin says:

    “I enjoyed the mixture of music that was played, and I also loved seeing all my guests dancing & having a great time.”
    Brittany & Anthony Reitz

  98. Admin says:

    “Ross played all of the songs we requested and knew exactly when to play them for a perfect flow. Thanks!”
    Katherine & Chris Brumwell

    “Ross was very professional and his attention to detail was excellent. We couldn’t have been happier!”
    Shermeen & Numazer Pavri

    “You delivered everything you said you would. He played the right type of music during dinner and dance music to please our guests. Thank you.”

  99. Admin says:

    “Our first time hiring a DJ. He was more that accommodating to what we asked. Hope to be able to hire him again!”
    Loraine & Jason Gates

    “Ross was an excellent DJ and exceeded our expectations. Thank You!”
    Crystal & Jonathan Pennywell

  100. Admin says:

    “Ross is personable, attentive and very engaging. He had a great announcement voice and made our evening fun and entertaining.”
    Nancy & Steve Leca

    “Ross was very helpful and accommodating. Wonderful voice.”
    Mimi & Brad Hsu

    “DJ Ross was phenomenal. Everything from the grand entrance, to toasts, to the first dance, games, slideshow, etc. went smoothly with all the help from Ross. He took over a huge role in directing each table to buffet dinner without us asking him. Super thoughtful and friendly.”
    Jenny & Aaron Chun

    “Ross was wonderful! He played all the songs I hoped he would play and requested. Everyone had a great time during the whole reception including myself and my husband. I don’t think we ever left the dance floor.”
    Joanne & Jason Bassett

  101. Admin says:

    “DJ Ross was excellent! Our wedding was delayed and he was flexible and helped us create a new timeline. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting married.”
    Yuki & Maury Domengeaux

    “Great music & continuity! Everyone had a blast. Solid mix!”
    Doug Hall

  102. Admin says:

    “Ross was very nice and helpful. He included a bowling song which was very funny. He also did a great job on our ‘Red Solo Cup’ song.”
    Valerie Davis – Bowling Awards Banquet

  103. Admin says:

    “Ross was very nice when he called the week before my wedding as went over the sheets I faxed. He inquired how to pronounce names. He was confident in his ability to do a good job and made me feel good about it as well.”
    Alethea & Armin Garcia

  104. Admin says:

    “Your DJ’s carry out our requests per our wishes!”
    Cindy Delumen

  105. Admin says:

    “Everything went smooth, and the guest seemed to enjoy everything. Thank you so much for making our day a fun time.”
    Reanna & Kent Wittman

    “Our DJ Ross was very reliable and on top of the different events that needed to happen and the wedding, He also got all of my specific music perfect and was great at specializing the day for us. Thank You!!”
    Christina & Daniel Aguirre

    “Very Professional, Great choice for music, Very flexible for our needs. Thank you so much for helping make our reception so much fun!”
    Rachel & Matthew Geisick

    “Ross really listened to us and our guests and played music everyone enjoyed from 8 – 80 =) Pleasant voice and extremely on top of it. Overall an extremely positive experience!!”
    Lauren & Christopher Mayer

    “Ross was very organized and professional. Probably one of the best DJ’s i have seen at a wedding.”
    Doreatha & Joe Ghanavati

    ” DJ Ross met with us one-on-one and discussed our event. He was very warm and just a very nice gentleman. We were very comfortable with him as our DJ. He was very adaptable to any change in the event. He kept the chain of events flowing smoothly throughout the reception! He was very professional we are very happy with how everything turned out! Will definitely recommend to others, especially DJ Ross!”
    Alfa & Tony Pacheco

    “DJ Ross was very professional. He set up the different areas of the wedding venue that needed music & mic’s properly. DJ Ross did a great job. I would recommend him. He really listened to what we wanted.”
    Donna & John Slegg

    “Ross was a complete pleasure to work with. He’s organized, really knowledgeable, very accommodating, and has a great personality for making everyone feel at ease – Peter and I feel lucky to have had him.”
    Vanessa & Peter Bradly

    “We thoroughly enjoyed working with DJ Ross. He helped us work out the schedule for our reception and coordinate timing so that everything ran smoothly. He was quick to respond to email, found all the right songs, and made all of the wedding announcements very tastefully and with a lot of excitement. Great Job Ross!”
    Sarah & Daniel Cheng

    “The mixing of the songs was excellent. Ross was very professional and played the appropriate music at the different stages of the event. I would highly recommend Elite Entertainment to my family and friends. Ross did an excellent job”
    Parveen & Randy Marrero

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