DJ Kevin

Armed with his vast library of music, and experience from over 500 weddings, Kevin is sure to make a great impression on your family and friends. He is very easy to talk too and is always up for new challenges. Kevin will always treat your event as if it where his own and make sure you have a relaxed/stress free time. You can put your trust in Kevin as he works full time as the Events Manager at Elite Entertainment.
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106 Responses to DJ Kevin

  1. Admin says:

    “From day one we knew Elite Entertainment and DJ Kevin was perfect. We were in awe of the binder and communication. Kevin went with the flow and kept his cool which helped us stay calm.”
    Angela & John Yamat

  2. Admin says:

    “Kevin was an awesome DJ! He was very good with all the announcements and super friendly to work with. He played all the music we requested and our guests couldn’t stop complimenting him! Thank you Kevin, you really made our wedding perfect!”

    Winnie & Austin

  3. Admin says:

    “You guys were fantastic! You made the night so smooth and fun. Thank you so much!”

    Alyssa & Mark

  4. Admin says:

    “DJ Kevin listened to my request, gave feed back based on his experiences and he just made the night fun!”

    Mike Council Plumbing

  5. Admin says:

    “The music was great, there was a good variety and Kevin was very professional and personable.”

    Axis Mechanical Holiday Party

  6. Admin says:

    “Kevin went above and beyond his duties to help duties to help make sure that we knew what we were doing and when we were to do it. He even explained how to cut our cake when we were uncertain. Our friends said they never had time to rest because the all the songs were so good.”

    Catherine & Scott

  7. Admin says:

    “Really fun, low key and easy to work with.”

    Carmichael Lynch Relate

  8. Admin says:

    “Very professional, Music choice was excellent. Very nice and everyone loved the music”
    Katie & Jerry

    “Kevin was very professional and very pleasant to work with. He was very organized and made sure we were on schedule. All of our friends and family were asking us where we found him or who referred him to us! Great personality and all the songs were on point.”
    Truc & Khoa

    “Everything was effortless for me. Guests were nonstop dancing. Great!”
    Mona & Aaron

    “Kevin was the best! We were on the dancefloor the entire night! Not a bad song played. The transitions were flawless. He helped tremendously with keeping the wedding organized and appreciated him releasing the tables for dinner.”
    Kelly & Devin

    “Kevin was incredibly professional and was very helpful every step of the way. Also, did a great job of feeling out the crowd and the music they liked.”
    Marie & Chris

    “Kevin was amazing! We met with him before our wedding and he was so helpful. We were thankful he took time out of his schedule to meet with us before. He was confident and gave us a sense of relief about our big day. He always kept great contact with us. He made our day perfect and I would not change a thing.”
    Kalyn & Tanner

    “Kevin was amazing to work with. From planning to executing, he had my mind at ease throughout the entire process. We cannot say enough great things about Kevin as our DJ.”
    Tran & John

    “Everything, The DJ was amazing!”
    Chelsey & Ryan

    “Everything was fantastic and blew away my expectations. From my first phone call to the end of our reception, everything was great! Thanks to Kevin for being way better than I ever imagined a DJ to be. Thank you so much!”
    Stephanie & Manny

    “DJ Kevin was professional and was able to keep us on track with our timeline. We were so happy to see our guests dancing and enjoying themselves until the end of the night!”
    Adna & Mark

  9. Admin says:

    “Kevin was extremely on point with everything. His announcements were great and the music he played couldn’t have been better! He was very professional and we got so many compliments about him after the wedding, Couldn’t have asked for a better DJ! Many thanks to Kevin for making our wedding amazing!”

    Roberta & Rob

  10. Admin says:

    “DJ Kevin brought a calmness and comfort with knowing what was going on. We basically didn’t have to think about the time line during the reception because he had it under control. DJ Kevin made the day easier for us.”

    Caitlin & Duncan

  11. Admin says:

    “Kevin asked the right questions to understand what kind of feel we were going for. Having a particularly small even, we was able to keep the energy up and keep our guests moving. We highly recommend him and Elite Entertainment.”

    Jennifer & Michael

  12. Admin says:

    “The entire process from first call to Kevin’s performance was professional, courteous and well done. Kevin was one of the best DJ’s we have hired. He was fun and well prepared received positive feedback from employees.”

    Silicon Microstructures

  13. Admin says:

    “Kevin was very upbeat and meshed well with my wedding guests! After the wedding, all the guests would say they danced all night to good music.”

    Lynna & Jeff

  14. Admin says:

    “Kevin was an amazing DJ for our wedding. He really felt out the crowd and played the kind of music our party liked. He was also super easy to work with. We had touched bases several times before he played at our wedding. He was always helpful.”

    Elizabeth & David

  15. Admin says:

    “Kevin was on top of things! He was always ahead of the game and everybody told me how much they loved him after. Mine was the 3rd wedding in my fiance’s family that Kevin has DJ’ed since last April and we love him!”

    Victoria & Lucas

    “Meeting with Kevin two weeks before was quick, professional and fun. Kevin DJing was awesome and the crowd had a great time.”

    Steven & Timothy

    “DJ Kevin helped make everything go by smoothly without taking us away from our celebration.”

    Susan & Tristan

  16. Admin says:

    “Very professional, down-to-earth, personable attitude. Great personality & very comfortable to work with as compared to other DJ companies. Very accommodating with requests and general was great at keeping the mood just right for our event and guests.”

    Angela & David

  17. Admin says:

    “Great music selection, Kevin was very helpful. We received multiple compliments on how good the DJ was/music selection by older and younger guests alike.”

    Stefanie & Andrew

  18. Admin says:

    “DJ Kevin was excellent & very easy to work with! The questionnaire we filled out was very thorough and made the music planning smooth and simple. We had serious concerns with our on-site coordinator but the night flowed really well thanks to DJ Kevin. We all had so much fun and our guests continue to talk about the music.”

    Frances and Joseph

  19. Admin says:

    “Kevin was great and easy to work with. His music selection kept my guests on the dance floor the entire night. I love how he announced the Backstreet Boys songs; it got the crowd really into it. Thanks!”

    Aileen & Gerald

  20. Admin says:

    “It was a pleasure to work with Elite Entertainment and Kevin for your special day! Thank you so much!”

    Briana & Jen

  21. Admin says:

    “We had peace of mind that thing organized and running on time.”

    Jenna & Jack

    “Kevin was AWESOME! He did a great job and played everything we wanted. We had guests tell us how great our music was. We highly recommend!”

    Teagan & Phil

    “DJ Kevin was fantastic! Great Music selection that everyone loved and very helpful with announcements and coordinating logistics. Thank you so much.”

    Rubi & Bryce

  22. Admin says:

    “Kevin helped to make our every great! He was organized, timely and fun. We appreciated that he kept us on schedule even when we we were running slightly behind from the reception and he made the centerpiece game fun. Thank you Kevin!”

    Marika & Brian

    “Thank you for everything! It was the perfect aside from not enough time to dance but that wasn’t your fault! Appreciate everything!”

    Vanessa & Andrew

    “Kevin kept our wedding dancing going for 2 hours! All of our guests raved about the dancing and music. A friend told me she was sore from all the dancing to great music. He is the best wedding DJ we know and we go to about 10 wedding a year!”

    Anita & Ben

  23. Admin says:

    “Tony was amazing! The Music was fantastic! All of our guest of every age were up dancing. When my wedding coordinator left because she was sick, Tony took over and helped keep everything on schedule. Tony was fabulous! I will recommend him to everyone!”

    Stephanie & Sean

  24. Admin says:

    “Kevin was very positive and made things simple. It lowered my stress level.”

    Christy & Brian

  25. Admin says:

    “Good music, Timing and clear announcements. Kevin checked in with us regularly to ensure names were pronounced correctly and to plan what was about to happen. Great job, thanks!”

    Amy & Joe

  26. Admin says:

    “Kevin had an amazing energy and knew exactly the music that our guests would enjoy. He helped us seamlessly run the event and he even had time to eat! Our wedding was a dream come true because of Kevin!

    Michelle & Richard

  27. Admin says:

    “Kevin made our event so easy. He was communicative before and during the event. He had a very professional demeanor. We were very happy with all services provided.”

    Katy & Brad

  28. Admin says:

    “Prompt, professional service, friendly and a helpful DJ.”

    Connie & Jaime

  29. Admin says:

    “Kevin was great to work with. He was great at coordinating with the other vendors and very helpful in guiding us through the music selections.”

    Emilia & Eric

    “Seemed like all ducks were in a row and everything went smooth.”

    Linda & Randy

    “Kevin went the extra mile and found a tux jacket so that he would match the attire! Amazing!! ”

    Lucas & Eden

  30. admin says:

    “I really like the music that was played & I liked getting the CD at the end.”

    Dominique & Joesph

  31. admin says:

    “Kevin is amazing, hard working and professional.”

    Quyen & David

  32. admin says:

    “Kevin was awesome! The night flew by so fast, I wish we could have had Kevin for 12 hours! I loved our music.”

    Heather & Jason

  33. admin says:

    “Kevin was extremely professional and was able to keep everyone on the dance floor with the music selections. Would definitely request for Kevin for my next event!”

    Belden Inc.

  34. admin says:

    “Kevin was super friendly, polite and helpful. I put all of this on the yelp review :)”

    Michelle & Winfield

  35. admin says:

    “The DJ was in tune with the crowd and made sure the music was appropriate and engaging. Can’t sat enough how great Kevin was. Definitely would like to have Elite back for next years event. Thanks!”

    Jessie Banuelous

  36. admin says:

    “We really enjoyed the way the DJ managed to shortened the music for our first dance just highlight the best part of the song. We had a very good experience with DJ Kevin because he was friendly and always approached us just to keep up with our timeline that we sent to him.”

    Val & Jeff

  37. admin says:

    “Courteous, always available when we had questions and concerns”

    Luci Megia

  38. Th says:

    “Kevin did an excellent job! The music played was spot-on, even though we provided very little guidance. He read the crowd beautifully. Everyone loved him. He made it so easy for us.”

    Katia & Alex

  39. admin says:

    “Kevin was amazing. From our very first meeting, he was professional and warm. He was on point with everything. I honestly could not have asked from a better DJ.”

    Raechelle & Stavros

  40. admin says:

    “Overall everything was excellent and all our guest had an amazing time. Kevin did an excellent job.”

    Valerie & Dennis

  41. admin says:

    ‘First we had a bunch of people tell us it was the best wedding they have ever been to, and second we had a bunch of people say ‘Wow! Kevin’s like a read DJ, mixing and transitions songs like a pro!’ I couldn’t be more happy. He made our reception a party. Thank you Kevin.”
    Laura & Aristomenis

  42. admin says:

    “Kevin Did an amazing job! We’ve gotten so many compliments from our guest at what a great job he did with the music! Kevin gave us a the prefect wedding day- Loved him!”
    Rachel & Nate

  43. admin says:

    “Package included everything we needed/wanted. Professional staff all the way through (planning to the wedding). Top notch equipment. Created a fun and relaxing environment allowing the guest to enjoy themselves. Did more than just play must but managed and narrated the flow of events.”
    Kara & Jacob

  44. admin says:

    “From start to finish, I thought the communication was great! DJ Kevin was very professional and so easy to work with. He was able to make last minuet changes to accommodate us. Thank you!”
    Claire & Jeff

  45. admin says:

    “How everything was presented prior to the event all the way to the last dance of the evening! I knew what to expect yet Kevin still surprised me by being so amazing! I will absolutely recommend.”
    Amber & Logan

  46. admin says:

    “Kevin did and excellent job in helping us not go over the time allocated for each task. He also helped control the crowd when the speeches were being made. We had a lot of guest ask where we found our DJ.”
    Debbie & Tommy

  47. admin says:

    “Kevin was friendly, smiled and he was totally professional. He could roll with any changes and everyone there thought he was great!”
    Jaemi & Matt

  48. admin says:

    “Kevin was flawless. He took complete command of the night and really delivered exactly what we asked.”
    Nicole & Jim

  49. admin says:

    “Kevin did a really good job all around. He was on top of his game 100%”
    Brittany & Kenneth

  50. admin says:

    “What we wanted most was for Kevin to keep everyone on the dance floor and he did that with flying colors!Thanks Kevin”
    Juliana & Matty

  51. admin says:

    “Everything was truly wonderful. Email and all other communication was quick and easy! Kevin helped walk us through how we wanted our ceremony to go and held true that. I was also found the pre-wedding packet to be very helpful! We and our guests had an amazing time! Everyone wanted to just keep dancing!”
    Aubrei & Bill

  52. admin says:

    “I loved that Kevin helped out even above what we originally agreed to. Not Having to be in charge of time or music at the reception.”

    Heather & David

  53. admin says:

    “We liked how flexible DJ Kevin was and also he was able to balance our musical preferences (EDM) with what would have broader appeal (especially with older guests). He was a fantastic MC and got everyone on the dance floor.”

    Stephanie & John

  54. admin says:

    “DJ Kevin Combs did an amazing job playing our wedding. He really read the crowd and made the necessary adjustments in music to keep the party going. Great job!”
    Sara & Kyle

  55. admin says:

    “Kevin was very professional/ He had the wedding time frame down perfect. We would like to thank him for a successful, stress free amazing,fun wedding. Kevin is an excellent mater of ceremony. Thank you for a great memorable night. I’m still getting emails , calls, and text about how wonderful our DJ was.”

    Raquel & Julian

  56. admin says:

    “Kevin was awesome! Excellent SJ and I’m very happy he was our DJ. Would definitely recommend him.I almost want to plan some major event just so we can have him be our DJ again! Thank you so much!”
    Donna & Martin

  57. admin says:

    “Kevin was a pleasure to work with!”
    Laura & John

  58. Admin says:

    “Kevin is the best hands down. He is professional, friendly, easy going and shows a lot of personality. We couldn’t thank him enough for his services on our special day. He’s a keeper for sure. Awesome at what he does.”
    Erin & Armondo

  59. Admin says:

    “Kevin was professional and organized. Played good music!”
    Amy & Orian

  60. Admin says:

    “I felt like I didn’t have to worry about the schedule of events. Meeting in person prior to the wedding also made me feel more at ease. I could see that Kevin was organized, had absolutely done this before and would have it all under control”
    Haideh & Ken

  61. Admin says:

    “Kevin was 10 steps ahead of us and made our celebration seamless and fun. We had a great time and loved our friends and family staying the whole time. We had nothing but great things to say about Elite!”
    Travis & Aaron

  62. Admin says:

    “Kevin was 10 steps ahead of us and made our celebration seamless and fun. We had a great time and loved our friends and family saying the same. We had nothing but great things to say about Elite!”
    Travis & Aaron

  63. Admin says:

    “Super friendly and helped us a lot before people arrived. Fun guy.”
    Bronco Bench Foundation Party

  64. Admin says:

    “Our guests had such a great time! Thanks so much for making this a night that everyone will remember!”
    Felicia & Will

  65. Admin says:

    “Played a great variety of music that appealed to all of our guests”
    Peter & Ranna

  66. Admin says:

    “Kevin was helpful, informative and responsive. He did not put himself front and center, but rather let the experience be in front.”
    Kim & Peter

  67. Admin says:

    “Everything!!! DJ Kevin was so wonderful! He kept our reception running as smoothly as possible and played amazing music! He honestly made our reception as great as it could be! We got so, so many compliments about him!!”
    Chelsea & Drew

  68. Admin says:

    “Kevin’s professionalism and enthusiasm was great! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the music selection. I enjoyed his MCing as well.”
    Veronica & Daniel

  69. Admin says:

    “Kevin read the crowd perfectly and had us dancing all night long.”
    Shana & Eric

  70. Admin says:

    “Kevin ensured that everything was done on time and went smoothly. When people were on the dance floor and dancing, guests had such a great time! Kevin picked great music and we were so happy with him as our DJ!!”
    Jennifer & John

  71. Admin says:

    “We loved Kevin! He was fabulous! He was too king, too helpful and we couldn’t have asked for a better DJ!!”
    Marina & Thomas

  72. Admin says:

    “Kevin helped us run the event smoothly. We had many comments on how our first dance and father dance were a perfect length! Thank you for telling us beforehand to give you a look and you will begin to fade it out! It worked like a charm and the night keep rolling.”
    Rachelle & Dan

  73. Admin says:

    “Kevin was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. His consults were informative, organized and comforting for a chaotic bride. He was extremely professional at the wedding by checking in with us and organizing with the wedding coordinator. Kevin was exceptional.”
    “Kimberly & Joe”

  74. Admin says:

    “Thanks Kevin for giving us a great time on our special day! We were half an hour behind the schedule but no one noticed! Kevin kindly reminded us, managed the rest of the time well and ended the event on time!”
    Mavis & Clement

  75. Admin says:

    “I enjoyed the music mix, everyone was dancing which was what we wanted. The DJ was very police and helped us through the process.”
    Wendy & Miguel

  76. Admin says:

    “Kevin was amazing! I cannot say enough good things about him! He was so professional and always informed us about what was coming up next.”
    Tatiana & Aaron

  77. Admin says:

    “It was excellent. All our guests loved him!! Kevin was excellent!!”
    Phuong & Thomas

  78. Admin says:

    “Kevin was great and very easy to work with! He played all the right music at the right times and we all enjoyed it. Thank you!!”
    Sedina & Derrick

  79. Admin says:

    “We had some more obscure music requests and I was thrilled to hear them being played.”
    Erin & David

  80. Admin says:

    “Great to work with as always. The catering manager of the Four Seasons complemented me on the DJ and said he was early, easy to work with and dressed appropriately for the venue. Congrats!”
    Holiday Party – S.C. Solutions Inc.

  81. Admin says:

    “Kevin was amazing! I could definitely recommend both Kevin and Elite Entertainment for future events.”
    Sabrina & Jonathon

  82. Admin says:

    “Kevin helped make our wedding the best. He coordinated the reception perfectly. Without Kevin our event would not have been so successful. He’s the best DJ we have ever seen.”
    Christine & Gareth

  83. Admin says:

    “The DJ did not dominate attention but rather guided it at needed”
    Morgan & John

  84. Admin says:

    “Kevin was very professional, organized and met all of our requests. He was very accommodating and helped the day run smoothly. I would highly recommend him.”
    Jamie & Andy

  85. Admin says:

    “My wedding was so unorganized but Kevin always checked in with us and reassured us that everything would work out. He was always so calm which made us calm down as well.”
    Lisa & Manuel

  86. Admin says:

    “In the weeks leading up to the event we were concerned by the sparse communication and nonexistent response to our planners and us. However, Kevin handled everything well and surprised us with a job well done. We’re very satisfied customers.”
    Patricia & Alan

  87. Admin says:

    “It was very easy to fill out the form regarding schedules (timeline) for the wedding. The song choices were excellent and the DJ (Kevin) was very courteous and followed our timeline and checked in with us often to make sure everything was on time!”
    Therisa & Adam

  88. Admin says:

    “Kevin was very professional. His assistance on song selection was greatly appreciated. Our guests commented to use that the music was awesome at the wedding. Thank you!”
    Wendy & Paul

  89. Admin says:

    “Kevin was absolutely great to work with and was very attentive to what we wanted. He managed our wedding amazingly and was always professional. Think you so much Kevin!!!”
    Stacy & Stephen

  90. Admin says:

    “Kevin was so easy to work with. He was a total professional from the start to finish. He returned phone calls promptly, and was polite/friendly. He played music that was fun and met our expectations. I would absolutely work with him again and would recommend him to friends and family.”
    Vanessa & Andrew Staples

  91. Admin says:

    “The time they took in choosing an appropriate DJ for our wedding.”
    Heather & John Baumann

  92. Admin says:

    “DJ Kevin was easy to get along with and the announcements were well done with enthusiasm.”
    Fletcher Jones Motorcars

  93. Admin says:

    “We received Kevin’s leadership and good coordination to our timeline. He worked with our photographer to make sure we got to all of our events in a timely manner.”
    Ken & Ai Juda

  94. Admin says:

    “Kevin was great everyone was happy with the variety of music that he played and he played all of the requests. We were very happy with him. Thank you!.”
    Melissa & Mario Gonzalez

  95. Admin says:

    “We love how he kept everything moving. He Played songs that our guests wanted to hear. Kevin was outstanding I would recommend this company to my friends.”
    Jaime & Sean Evans

  96. Admin says:

    “DJ Kevin was on time. He was very accommodating to my senior residents and my husband. We also enjoyed the CD they provided with all of our special songs.”
    Antoinette & Thomas Crain

    “Kevin was very sweet and professorial. He answered requests and made sure I was happy at all times, I loved it!. My guests loved the music! Thank you Kevin!.”
    Justine & Joey Perotti

    “I really liked that Kevin came to me (bride) and asked if it was a good time for things, like special dances, garter toss, etc. I really appreciated that little touch. Our guests really liked him too!.”
    Charlene & Charles Missouri

    “They were very courteous and accommodating. They even got back to us regarding the availability of songs and how well those songs would flow with each other. Their service was definitely exceptional and superb.”
    Mary Grace & Jae calanog

  97. Admin says:

    “We thought Kevin did an excellent job and chose appropriate music for our guests. He was a fun person and highly recommend him.”
    Kathleen & John Wetherington

  98. Admin says:

    “Not only was the music perfect for our wedding, Kevin performed our Grand Entrance EXACTLY as we envisioned. It was more than we had hoped for!”
    Chrystie & Tim Caserza

    “He was very helpful and professional. He played all the music that we wanted. Couldn’t ask for anything better!”
    Tina & Jake Mecci

    “Kevin was very easy to work with! The CD at the end was an awesome surprise!”
    Amy & Danny Corr

  99. Admin says:

    “Kevin was excellent! He MC’d the event perfectly! My guests were very impressed with how smooth the music flowed. Everyone had such a great time. The kids especially loved the lights on the dance floor. Thank you Kevin for doing such a great job!”
    Christy & Michael Vierra

    “Kevin was so professional and easy going! He played great music and the guests loved him. I was nervous about the venue & sound, so Kevin came out for a site visit first. He had great ideas and was very patient. We were really happy with Kevin Combs & Elite Entertainment!”
    Tory & Cullen Brown

    “Kevin did a great job of meeting with us ahead of time and walking through all of the events to make sure he had all of the names/announcements correct & all of the correct songs for each event.”
    Aya & Brent Nakagiri

  100. Admin says:

    “Kevin was pleasant and good to work with. He provided a CD of all of our most important songs that were played throughout our special day.”
    Jean & Ronald Rullamas

    “Service was great! Kevin was very professional.”
    Colida & Curtis Johnson

  101. Admin says:

    “I have only positive compliments about Kevin. The night flowed and the dance floor was NEVER empty. I will use Kevin for every event going forward. We were very pleased.”
    Rhiannon & Joey Torres

    “There isn’t one thing that stands out over another. Everything was absolutely perfect. Kevin was so friendly, he was amazing! Best day of my life! Thank you Kevin!!”
    Rebecca & Andy Mathenia

    “Kevin understood the type of music we wanted. He went over all of the music selections prior to the event, and pronounced all names correctly and asked questions when needed. All expected ‘shout outs’ and requests from bride were followed through.”
    Maricela & Dennis Garza

    “Whatever David and I wanted, Kevin provided! Kevin is awesome! Thanks again for going above and beyond. We were shocked that he made a CD for us too! Keep up the good work!”
    Savannah & David Hall

  102. Admin says:

    “Kevin was extremely professional throughout the process. Our family and friends enjoyed the music and danced until the last song. Kevin was able to interpret our different styles of music and made great selections! Thank you Kevin!”

    Hilllaray & Thomas Carroll

  103. Admin says:

    “Kevin was super professional and pleasant. He was perfect.”
    Joy & Michael Deneen

    “Kevin did an awesome job all around!”
    Kristen & Ryan Latshaw

  104. Admin says:

    “You guys are so friendly, also so flexible and willing whenever there are changes. You guys made the day so fun. THANK YOU!”
    Gina & Winston Wu

    “Kevin is an exceptional listener and has fantastic taste in music. He played everything we wanted and then some. Truly, truly would not have been an epicly awesome wedding without him.”
    Sharon & Regalado Chavez

  105. Admin says:

    “Our friends and families enjoyed the music. Kevin was great to work with.”
    Julie & Ken Stephens

    “Kevin was amazing! Very very friendly and professional. He kept a good vibe going all night. My entire wedding had an amazing time to say the least! Thank you so much Kevin and Elite Entertainment!!!”
    Tristin & Chris Arbic

    “The music was excellent and our guest still talk about it to this day.”
    Debbie & Adam King

  106. Admin says:

    “Kevin kept all the guests dancing! They asked me where did i find him! He was wonderful. When you have a great DJ the wedding i so much fun. Thank you Kevin!”
    Carrie & Alan

    “The music was great and our family had a great time. DJ Kevin was very helpful in playing any request as well as the slideshow.
    We had fun! Thank you!”
    Salina & Robert

    “Kevin was very friendly and kept the guests on the dance floor! Everyone had a great time and music is a huge part of a successful wedding and reception! Thank you for providing excellent service!”
    Allison & Ryan

    “He was a great DJ and really went off the vibe of the guests. Great Job!!”
    Gina & Anthony

    “Our DJ was so awesome. We have been to weddings before and the DJ’s were nowhere as good as him. He made everything so much fun and everyone danced the whole time!”
    Valerie & David

    “Professional, Polite and very easy to work with. Kevin was great and took my suggestions & comments and ran with them. Kevin was intuitive and could “Predict” what the audience wanted to hear. Kevin was great! Very smart! Don’t let him slip through the cracks!”
    Lindsay & Dustin

    “He played all the perfect music. Appropriate for the event and the ages. He was great!!”
    Tara & John

    “The DJ was so easy to work with. Very pleasant. Would highly recommend him. Music can make a great wedding or destroy it. He made ours a success.”
    Kimberly & Eric

    “He played the music we wanted and he answered all of our questions, he made sure to follow up. He was very Thorough, well prepared, and very professional”
    Aricka & Nathan

    “Kevin is really friendly, made sure he knew how to pronounce everyone’s name correctly and made clear announcements. The music played was exactly what we had in mind. Our friends complimented on DJ Kevin. We will definitely recommend Elite Entertainment to our friends. We also love our CD’s =D!”
    Sophia & Perry

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