DJ Turner

DJ Turner has had a long performance career where music has always been at the core. All throughout his education he has been involved with music (Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pit Orchestra, etc) and really found his calling when he started DJ’ing in College around 2005. He enjoys all sorts of music: Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, House and more. He prides himself on being current with today’s music as well as perfecting his techniques. He will make sure your event flows just as smoothly as the music throughout your special day. His primary goal for your event is to ensure you and all your guests have a great time by setting an atmosphere that allows everyone to do what they enjoy most. Turner takes a special pride in what he does, not only because he truly loves to make people happy, but also because he is Elite’s General Manager.

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84 Responses to DJ Turner

  1. Admin says:

    “DJ was in touch with the crowd. 2nd time using your company. This DJ was the best! Everyone loved the music choices he made.”

    Varex Imaging

  2. Admin says:

    “Turner was great about working with us before the event so that the day of the wedding was really concern free.”

    Lauren & Simon

  3. Admin says:

    “Thank you for making our wedding unforgettable! Michael and I loved every second and Turner did the most amazing job as our DJ.”

    Brittany & Michael

  4. Admin says:

    “Turner was a dynamic MC and kept the party going. The flow of songs were perfect. I never seen so many people dancing!”

    Jenny & Andrew

  5. Admin says:

    “DJ Turner was great at keeping the crowd on the dance floor. He knew how to manage the music well.”

    Burke Industries

  6. Admin says:

    “DJ Turner always provides great customer service and has positive attitude! Looking forward to working with him again!”


    “Turner was amazing – so pleasant to work with, very helpful as we didn’t have strong ideas about thing ect.”

    Robin & Ed

    “Turner is an excellent DJ and we would work with him again in a heart beat. He gave us great advice on how to keep people on the dance floor and everyone had a great time.”

    Helen & Jared

    “Very good experience . DJ was helpful and allowed the event to run smoothly.”

    Julia & Boris

  7. Admin says:

    “Our pre-planning meeting was a great experience where we got to over all our wants and wishes. Turner was so friendly and calm and never made us feel overwhelmed. We and our guests had a great time!”

    Katie & Kevin

  8. Admin says:

    ” We loved the music DJ Turner played that kept everyone on the dance floor having a great time. We told DJ Turner dancing was important to us and he hit out of the park. We couldn’t be happier with him!”

    Valerie & Robert

    “Turner Hayes was wonderful! He was so nice during our prep call and made an effort to really be accommodating and communicative during the wedding. He was fantastic DJ and did a wonderful job with our lighting! Will absolutely recommend him to our friends.”

    Julie & Jason

    ” He took over when the grand kids needed him. They had so much fun!”

    John Ivancovich

    “DJ Turner was so professional, responsive and friendly. he was such a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond to make sure we and our guests were having a great time. We thank Miranda, our planner for recommending him and we would definitely recommend him to everyone.”

    Erica & Zach

  9. Admin says:

    “Turner is very professional, a pleasure to work with . He was very accommodating with our music requests. He was willing to meet us over face time, which was convenient. We had a great experience.”

    Susie & Camilo

  10. Admin says:

    “Our wedding was running behind and we didn’t have much time to dance as originally planned. I went over and asked him to play just a few of my favorite songs and Turner was very accommodating and understanding. Really made the time we did have to dance was great! Thanks for everything Turner!”

    Briana & Andrew

  11. Admin says:

    “Our DJ, Turner, was very professional and amicable. He was a pleasure to work with.”

    Regina & Jose

  12. Admin says:

    “DJ made us feel relaxed and help us focus back on us. He was incredibly professional, witty, charming, funny, entertaining and perfectly appropriate. He could not have been better! Music was on point.”

    Elisha & Andrew

  13. Admin says:

    “Turner was friendly and open to all of our suggestions. He was very patient and out going.We enjoyed having Turner as our DJ and would love to have him again soon.”

    Sapphire Ventures

  14. Admin says:

    “Turner was great, calm, friendly and fun. he had a good mix of planned music and request. Really felt out the crowd well.”

    Emily & Kalin

  15. admin says:

    “Turner was great! Everyone had a good time and loved dancing.”

    Elyssa & Justin

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  17. admin says:

    “DJ was very organized, he has a great voice and was able to keep people dancing all night.”

    Joanne & Eric

  18. admin says:

    “Everyone had an excellent time and the dance floor was filled until closing time.”

    Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County

  19. admin says:

    “Easy – No work added. I paid the check and didn’t have to worry about any details. Definitely loved the service.”

    XL Construction

  20. admin says:

    “He knew what music we wanted and everyone had a great time.”

    Marina & Bill

  21. admin says:

    “Fabulous music. Turner was great in helping ensure all went smoothly :)”

    Jennie Ebbitt

  22. admin says:

    “Turner was very professional and accommodating to day of timeline changes. He totally got the vibe we were going for and everyone had a BLAST!”

    Frank & Rebecca

  23. admin says:

    “Tony was wonderful! So enthusiastic and kept us well informed all night. He seems to really love his job and his enthusiasm for our wedding was so appreciated!”

    Nicole & Emily

    “I loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about anything. Tony knew when to announce everything and kept the night flowing. He did a fantastic job, Our photo booth operator also dud great!”

    Alexis & Ryan

    “Tony was very kind and accommodating. Our guest had a great time!”

    Cory & Taylor

  24. admin says:

    “DJ Turner was the perfect DJ for our wedding. He was very easy to work with and was highly prepared and professional. It was very helpful to have a dew discussions over the phone to discuss the feeling of our wedding and make sure we were on the same page regarding music choices, announcements, timeline, etc. He was a delight to work with and went above and beyond our expectations!”

    Emily & Mike

    “Turner is always very positive, helpful and reliable. We will definitely continue to use Elite Entertainment.”


    “Turner was an amazing DJ and made our wedding run smoothly.He had everyone having a blast on the dance floor. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ for our wedding. Thanks Turner!”

    Rebecca & Michael

  25. admin says:

    “Turner was absolutely delightful to work with. He is understanding, creative, competent and very talented. We never had a single worry for our reception. Highly recommend this skilled, professional and polite man!”
    Sara & Alex

  26. admin says:

    “DJ Turner Hayes was extremely professional and made a significant contribution toward the success of our wedding day. He reviewed all information thoroughly before the even, executed everything as discussed and commanded the music and announcements with ease.”
    Jenn & Kevin

  27. admin says:

    “DJ Turner awesome! I had multiple guests comment on what great job he did. He took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted and made everything happen seamlessly.”
    Nikole & Jeff

  28. admin says:

    “Turner was very enthusiastic and ready to help with every aspect of the of the event! Guest had such a great time dancing”
    Rachael & Clement

  29. admin says:

    “Turner was wonderful for our wedding! He spoke well and rolled with the punches. He made us feel at ease, which is what we appreciated the most!”
    Christina & Benjamin

  30. admin says:

    “Turner did all we asked and more. He chose great songs for when we had no decision on what to play.Guests asked if he was a friend of ours because he knew us so well!”

    Diana & Nicolas

  31. admin says:

    “Thank you so much for everything.Turner was chill, laid back, humorous and incredibly professional. We had so much fun with him and hope he felt the same way! He was referred by a longtime friend and we we’re beyond happy we got him instead of having to troll through 1000 yelp reviews and haggle price ect. We will definitely recommend him to all our friends.”
    Josephine & Jeremy

  32. admin says:

    “Turner was fantastic! Made us feel at ease with his expertise and timing. Very helpful.Played awesome music. Will definitely be referring people!”

    Teena & Scott

  33. admin says:

    “All our experiences were great! DJ Turner was absolutely amazing. He coordinated with our photographer and venue coordinator and music selection everyone loved. Definitely made our wedding memorable for everyone. Thank You!”

    Clarisa & David

  34. admin says:

    “DJ Turner was prompt, professional and helped make the day run smoothly. He played all the music we liked and kept everyone dancing. One thing that stood out was that he helped out with the cake situation and we really appreciated it! We will definitely recommend him. Thank you DJ Turner and thank you for not playing reggae!”

    Annette & Kenneth

  35. admin says:

    “Turner was extremely professional, organized and super friendly. We really enjoyed working with him. He played all of the music I asked for and he really go the party going!”

    Nichole & Anthony

  36. admin says:

    “Detailed oriented follow up, wedding advice during our phone call and establish a good and comfortable relationship prior to the wedding.”
    Fumi & Ricardo

  37. admin says:

    “Turner was always willing to get a song on for us ASAP. He did an amazing job and was great with our guests!”
    Celia & Jacob

  38. Admin says:

    “Everything was perfect! Thank you!”
    Jessica & Kevin

  39. Admin says:

    “Turner made us very confident in his ability to both DJ and MC our wedding. He did a great job!”
    Melissa & Nathan

  40. Admin says:

    “Turner was courteous and extremely professional. He was one of our best vendors. We were extraordinarily lucky to have him DJ the wedding.”
    Sarah & Spencer

  41. Admin says:

    “Awesome job. Thank you Turner!”
    Grace & Thomas

  42. Admin says:

    “Everything went perfect! Couldn’t ask for anything more! Thanks Elite and Turner!”
    Lina & Rett

  43. Admin says:

    “Turner was a complete professional and kept the party going. We loved that he snapped pictures of our wedding / reception and gave us a CD with all the highlights. Awesome time!”
    Amy & Ryan

  44. Admin says:

    “We knew that the service was going to be good based on previous reviews. It was obvious that DJ Turner had tons of experience and knew exactly what to do, which put us at ease throughout the night. It’s amazing how much an awesome DJ can make a difference. Thank you, DJ Turner, for an awesome night.”
    Bethany & Bruce

  45. Admin says:

    “Turner and Elite Entertainment had professionalism to them that was unmatched by any other vendor or DJ”
    Stacey & Kyle

  46. Admin says:

    “Easy to work with and professional”
    Christine & Jonathan

  47. Admin says:

    “Turner was amazing and we are so pleased to have had him be a part of our special day. We will recommend him and Elite Entertainment for any future events.”
    Kate & Pooya

  48. Admin says:

    “Everything went extremely smooth at the wedding and we didn’t have to worry about anything! Turner was super helpful, easy to work with and thought of things we didn’t think of to help better plan our wedding. Thank you Turner!”
    Candice & Eric

  49. Admin says:

    “Turner was fantastic. Half of the wedding stayed on the dance floor past midnight (amazing).”
    Jenn & Mat

  50. Admin says:

    “As always, Turner did an excellent job – thank you!”
    Phillips Brooks School Fund Raiser

  51. Admin says:

    “Turner executed perfectly.”
    Katie & Kevin

  52. Admin says:

    “Very flexible and could adjust to the event as it progressed. Thanks, Turner”
    XL Construction Holiday Party

  53. Admin says:

    “Very helpful and flexible with MCing miscellaneous events and items throughout the night! Thank you!”
    Skybox Holiday Party

  54. Admin says:

    “Professionalism, Fun, Ease, & Smooth Production”
    Ichelle & Nawwaf

  55. Admin says:

    “Turner was so organized, energetic and exceeded expectations. He was very aware of everything and was accommodating to the changing schedule.”
    Patricia & Bert

  56. Admin says:

    “DJ Turner was so professional. We had numerous people come up to us afterwards and even during the event complimenting the DJ. He made everything run so smoothly! We could not have asked for a better DJ to be at our wedding!”
    Tina & Rob

  57. Admin says:

    “Music and karaoke were a big hit. Good flow. Thanks!”
    Private home Bar Mitzvah

  58. Admin says:

    “Turner did an excellent job including everyone young and old with the days events. He was involved but not overbearing and maintained the pre planned events with ease. Lastly, he is a nice man and good to work with. Thanks!!”
    Heather & Joseph

  59. Admin says:

    “Loved everything! Music transitions were great especially during the ceremony.”
    Ashley & Peter

  60. Admin says:

    “DJ Turner was fantastic. From the beginning he was the first DJ that we met with and we very quickly knew that he was the perfect fit for our wedding day. He listened to exactly what we wanted and executed the music perfectly on our wedding day. He really made everything a success!!! Thank you DJ Turner!!!”
    Anabelle & Shawn

  61. Admin says:

    “Turner was the one vendor that I can honestly say did not disappoint in any way! He was perfect, respectful, he listened and was not over the top. Thank you!!!”
    Dana & Joe

  62. Admin says:

    “The pace of the songs was perfect. DJ didn’t try to be the center of attention but he directed the guest when needed. Very pleasant and helped clean up afterwards.”
    Ashleigh & Mark

  63. Admin says:

    “Turner Hayes couldn’t have been better. He was easy to work with, responsive and set the right tone. Facilitated and relaxed fun atmosphere while still being extremely attentive to our tight schedule. I would highly, highly recommend him and would love to work with him again!”
    Amy & Scott

  64. Admin says:

    “Turner did an amazing job and kept everyone on the dance floor. He played everything we asked for and kept us on time. It was perfect. Thank you!”
    Jennifer & Bryan

  65. Admin says:

    “Turner is a true professional and a thoughtful person. His attentiveness and support helped our wedding day greatly. We could not imagine having a better disc jockey than him.”
    Jen & Jacob

  66. Admin says:

    “Friendly service; open to discuss exactly what we wanted the evening to be like (timeline / music played); followed the playlist we requested!”
    Christina & Gregory Georgatos

  67. Admin says:

    “I was glad Turner was so organized and experienced. It helped me not have to think much. Turner was also friendly and professional.”
    Cheryl & Rui Paquete

  68. Admin says:

    “Turner was super awesome. He did a great job at making everything run smoothly. He was also great at checking in with us throughout the night. Elite Entertainment, in general was one of our best vendors. Very communicative and organized!”
    Jennifer & Jeffrey Kohler

  69. Admin says:

    “Turner was incredibly flexible and cooperative with adjusting to our changing schedule during the event.”
    Phillips Brooks School

  70. Admin says:

    “Turner was great about keeping us on schedule but not getting in the way. He also played all of the songs we asked and kept our friends and family on the dance floor.”
    Kimberly & Adrian Almazan

  71. Admin says:

    “DJ’s willingness to accommodate all our requests even at the very last minute”
    Cindy & Kevin Lin

  72. Admin says:

    “Turner was incredibly flexible and cooperative in adjusting to our changing schedule during the event.”
    School Fund Raiser – Phillips Brooks School

  73. Admin says:

    “I was glad Turner was so organized and experienced, it helped me not have to think much. Turner was also friendly and professional.”
    Cheryl & Rui Paquete

  74. Admin says:

    “Turner was super awesome. He did a great job at making everything run smoothly. He was also great at checking in with us throughout the night. Elite Entertainment, in general, was one of our best vendors. Very communicative and organized!.”
    Jennifer & Jeffrey Kohler

  75. Admin says:

    “Turner played all the music we requested. He went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and satisfied. He even played a song on the spot when asked.”
    Janice & Taylor Guerra Wedding

  76. Admin says:

    “We enjoyed his ability to read the crowd & switch the flow and music.”
    City of Santa Clara Holiday Party

  77. Admin says:

    “Thank you Turner for playing ‘A Whole New World’ for the last song. It was perfect! Great thinking on your feet! Thanks for getting people onto the dance floor!”
    Lucy & Zach Saul

    “It was a huge relief to have such a reliable DJ to run the show. It meant we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding! Turner is the BEST! A total five star DJ!”
    Cathryn & Mike Silva

  78. Admin says:

    “We never had to worry about a thing! Turner did an amazing job all around. Thank you!”
    Erica & Broc Carroll

    “Everything went very smooth! Gangnam Style!”
    Hsin-l & Eric Marshburn

    “Turner was excellent! Throughout the entire preparation process, Turner was very professional and gave us many helpful suggestions which we would not have thought of on our own. His music was excellent and everyone had an absolute blast! We highly recommend Turner! Thank you so much for making our wedding so fun!”
    Gia & Mike Dickerson

    “Turner really added some personality and fun to the reception! Great music choices!
    Amber & Patrick Loanzon

    “The professionalism of your staff, especially DJ Turner who went above & beyond our expectation. We loved the music & he was a great MC. The transition & flow of music and announcements was flawless, which allowed us to relax & enjoy ourselves. Thank you Elite Entertainment but special thanks to DJ Turner.”
    Judy & Brandon Zhao

    “Turner was incredibly friendly & thoughtful & went out of his way to keep in touch about timeline worries, etc. Throughout the night, while some aspects of the wedding were chaotic, Turner kept his cool & really helped us to make the best of the evening & we had a fabulous night!”
    Amelia & Chris Kundinger

  79. Admin says:

    “All our guests said ‘Who is the DJ and where did you find him?’ Couldn’t have been more pleased with Turner and the staff at E3.”
    Shannon & Blake Malcom

    “Played a variety of music that both me and my husband enjoyed and it’s hard to please him with music. Turner also helped the evening flow well and got everyone up and dancing.”
    Heather & Joshua Moreali

    “Thank you to Turner and Elite Entertainment for making our special day run so smoothly. The music was awesome! Great communication, great playlist, from the beginning to the end, AMAZING! Highly recommended!”
    Denise & Mark Hopper

    “I enjoyed the customer service Brandon & I were given. We were both thankful for Turner’s talent and professionalism. The pace of our reception was smooth and energized. Thank you Turner and Elite for your services!”
    Bethany & Brandon Lukach

    “DJ Turner showed up on time and had his equipment set up where we wanted to. He was able to M.C. the event and handle unexpected events and caught up with our reception schedule when we were running late. Everyone enjoyed the music and dancing portion of the evening.”
    Cynthia & Tony Tsai

  80. Admin says:

    “From the ceremony to the reception, everything was perfect! Turner came around and asked if we needed anything throughout the night. Truly mare that just a DJ. Thank you.”
    Ashley & Brandon Burks

  81. Admin says:

    “Friendly & entertaining. Our guests had a great time.”
    Cecilia & Jeff Kwan

    “Turner really listened to what we wanted, combine that with his experience & expertise. He gave us and our guests a fantastic party.”
    Nicole & Matt Dorsa

    “Incredible professional. Fun without being offensive. Cannot say enough good things. Really appreciated his experience.”
    Samantha & Collin McBirney

    Turner was very well organized and kept our event on schedule. Everyone had a great time and was pleased with the music selection. I would defiantly recommend Elite to our friends getting married.”
    Ashley & Ben Morrison

    “Turner was really awesome about helping us stay organized & keeping me calm. My guests all had a really great time! (It turns out he’s also the DJ for our cousins’ wedding in June too!)”
    Lonnique & Tony Eagen

    “Turner was awesome. From the moment we met, he put me at ease. Not just about the music, but about the management of the whole event. He did a fantastic job.”
    Sarah & Christopher Green

  82. Admin says:

    “We gave Turner the creative control to play what he thought would be best. The music turned out great and everyone had a great time. My grandma even got up and danced to the music. You rock Turner!”
    Bonny & Robert Almeida

  83. Admin says:

    “Very professional, Appreciated that Turner made sure we were on the same page with music and helping us with tips and advice for wedding day logistics.”
    Tuan & Gabrielle

    “Turner was extremely fun to work with. He made our wedding reception flow smoothly and kept the music going to where all our guests were dancing the night away. Turner was very professional and seemed genuinely concerned with making sure our special day ran smoothly and that we were happy. I would definitely recommend him to my friends!”
    Rosanne & Kevin

    “DJ Turner was an excellent MC. He made sure our guests were having a good time & he also coordinated our wedding game and as a result our guests had a great time!! We would definitely recommend him to a friend!! Thank you DJ Turner”
    Carol & Amado

    “We really liked how Turner took the time to always respond to our emails quickly and to discuss our wedding plans with us in person during meetings. He was always very friendly and laid back and professional. We also loved the wedding CD he surprised us with at the end of our wedding.”
    Lilee & Timothy

    “Turner was a real pleasure to work with before and during the event. He was very helpful in putting together the song list, and he was so helpful keeping things moving during the reception”
    LeighAnne & Manoj

    “Thank you, Turner, for the wonderful DJ/MC services! I still have yet to reconnect with most friends and family who were at the wedding, but my mom said you were the best DJ she had every seen ( and we agree!) and many guests told me during & right after (at brunch) that everything was “seamless” & “ran so smooth”, Which i credit in large part to you. Thank you again & Thanks so much for the fun CD!”
    Lindsay & James

    “Very flexible & accommodating to our requests. Kept to our schedule, which helped us since we were not keeping track of time/events. Very professional and nice!”
    Elizabeth & John

    “Turner was amazing& Made us feel so comfortable that everything would be taken care of & it was! we had numerous comments on how professional Turner was & how awesome the music was!”
    Andrea & Chris

    “True professionalism is what I’ve enjoyed the most with your company. We were more than satisfied of DJ Turner Hayes’ performance at our wedding. Two thumbs up! Way UP!!!”
    Marilou & Jovie

    “I had no idea of who to go for – for my daughters wedding. Music really makes the event. I interviewed four different companies. Elite was the best and we were so lucky to get Turner. He was in the background! Keeping thing’s Moving!”
    AnneMarie & Mike

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